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Use the Force (and Blue­tooth) to power th­ese top speak­ers

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With the trusty hi-fi go­ing the way of the dodo, boom boxes a relic equiv­a­lent to the mum­mi­fied re­mains of King Tut and all your mu­sic stuck on a de­vice that can’t eas­ily be plugged into any­thing built be­fore 2005, play­ing tunes round the house usu­ally means re­sort­ing to tinny lap­top speak­ers. Or worse, TV chan­nels that play mu­sic so alien it may as well be broad­cast on a sound­wave that can only be heard by peo­ple with a YouTube chan­nel. Blue­tooth speak­ers are the handy, wire­less way to stream mu­sic from your phone, tablet or other Blue­tooth-en­abled, mu­sic-host­ing de­vice. But who wants a char­ac­ter­less black cube sit­ting in the cor­ner of the room pump­ing out the Star Wars sound­track? John Wil­liams’ time­less or­ches­tra­tions de­serve so much bet­ter. That’s where AC World­wide’s of­fi­cially li­censed Star Wars Blue­tooth speak­ers, avail­able to pre-or­der now, come in.

The two mod­els – one based on a Stormtrooper hel­met, the other based on C-3PO’s golden dome – hook up to any Blue­tooth-en­abled doo­dad to play mu­sic, au­dio­books, record­ings of your­self im­per­son­at­ing Three­pio or any other sound files you care to trans­mit through thin air. You don’t even need to be trained in the arts of an an­cient re­li­gion to pull it off, it only takes a few but­ton presses. Of­fer­ing premium 2.1 sound, the 30cm tall speak­ers can be plugged in at the mains or pow­ered by an in­ter­nal recharge­able bat­tery for max­i­mum porta­bil­ity. Bet­ter yet, you can con­duct phone calls through them, spic­ing up con­ver­sa­tions with friends/fam­ily mem­bers/nui­sance PPI ro­bots by hav­ing their dis­em­bod­ied voice emerge from Three­pio’s mouth, or a crack-shot Im­pe­rial grunt (hey, there’s got to be one). Bonus points if you can con­vince the per­son on the other end into say­ing “I’ve got a bad feel­ing about this.”

As well as a nifty bit of top of the range tech, the Star Wars Blue­tooth speak­ers are also a lov­ingly crafted col­lec­tor’s item, com­pa­ra­ble in build, qual­ity and de­sign to lav­ish replicas. Both Three­pio’s head and the Stormtrooper hero hel­met are ex­act replicas of the films’ orig­i­nal de­signs. The mak­ers even used the orig­i­nal specs to en­sure that ev­ery de­tail, down to vents and grills on the side of the

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