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What were the chal­lenges of work­ing with both the new and orig­i­nal casts?

It was incredible fun to work with the orig­i­nal cast, for ob­vi­ous rea­sons. But it was sort of a won­der­ful thing – maybe even the best part – work­ing with all of them, with the new young cast as well. Partly be­cause they brought such en­ergy, and the only bag­gage they brought to it was they knew of Star Wars, and were fans in their own ways. Of course when you imag­ine al­most 40 years go­ing by since you’ve played a part, that’s al­most a life­time of ex­pe­ri­ence to have com­ing into this. So it was won­der­ful to have the mix of the brand new and the vet­eran ac­tors come to­gether. That was re­ally fun.

Did you find your­selves cre­at­ing an en­tire mythol­ogy nec­es­sary for fu­ture Star Wars films, or were you just con­coct­ing a story for The Force Awak­ens?

Well, when [co-writer] Lawrence Kas­dan and I were work­ing on the story, we had a sense of where we thought things would go. So of course there are a num­ber of things we use and set up. And it’s won­der­ful to see how [Episode VIII di­rec­tor] Rian John­son has taken our story. Of course we had meet­ings and stuff be­fore­hand, but he’s taken it and re­ally made it his own and con­tin­ued the story his way. But there are, of course, many things in this film that are very clearly part of a con­tin­uum.

As a Star Wars fan, did you have any “pinch me” mo­ments on set?

I am not jok­ing when I say that ev­ery day there were mul­ti­ple “pinch me” mo­ments [laughs]. Joseph McCabe

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