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And then there’s all the fan but­tons the movie’s hit­ting. The Mil­len­nium Fal­con! Stormtroop­ers! Han! Luke! Leia! Chewie! C-3PO! R2-D2! If JJ did noth­ing else, they could have brought back those el­e­ments and been on the right track. Those icons are the rea­sons we fell in love with Star Wars in the first place – we’ve seen movies with­out (most of ) them, and there’s no doubt that Star Wars movies work bet­ter with the screech of a TIE Fighter or Han Solo be­ing, well, Han Solo.

Be­cause Star Wars is unique. Peo­ple love the Lord Of The Rings and Mar­vel movies, but they live Star Wars. For mil­lions of peo­ple, the orig­i­nal tril­ogy trans­ported them to new worlds, and com­pletely im­mersed them in a gal­axy that may never have ex­isted but al­ways felt in­cred­i­bly real – open­ing the door to big screen sci-fi in a way noth­ing be­fore or since has man­aged.

So look be­yond the in­evitable mer­chan­dise over­load – this is, af­ter all, as much a cap­i­tal­is­tic en­deav­our as an artis­tic one – and be­lieve the hype. For kids it’s a chance to visit worlds un­like any they’ve seen be­fore, for adults (and you get the sense this is who the movie’s re­ally been de­signed for), this is the op­por­tu­nity to be trans­ported back to watch­ing the orig­i­nals when we were kids.

Just pic­ture your­self in that cin­ema in De­cem­ber, the open­ing bars of John Wil­liams’ theme kick­ing in (don’t worry too much about the lack of the Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury Fox fan­fare), and the words of an un­fa­mil­iar open­ing crawl scrolling up the screen. Just re­mem­ber how you felt when the Mil­len­nium Fal­con swooped in that first teaser, or Han Solo told Chewie they were home – then mul­ti­ply it by ap­prox­i­mately 3,720. The Force Awak­ens, it’s call­ing to you. Just let it in.

Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens opens in cine­mas on 17 De­cem­ber.

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