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Ge­orge gave me a lot of very in­ter­est­ing pieces of ad­vice. We were shoot­ing Land Of The Dead, and there’s a scene where a zombie is sup­posed to bite a girl in the face. We had it all set up but on ac­tion the girl started flail­ing her arms around – and right at the mo­ment where the zombie bites the cheek off, her arm came up and cov­ered it. I re­mem­bered be­ing re­ally dis­ap­pointed. I wanted it to be per­fect. And Ge­orge saw the look on my face, and said, “Here’s some­thing you should think about: it was real. That woman was strug­gling for her life and was punch­ing for that crea­ture. So the fact that the ef­fect was blocked for a sec­ond or two doesn’t mat­ter if in the re­al­ity of the sit­u­a­tion that’s ex­actly what she would be do­ing – fight­ing for her life, strug­gling.”

Maybe it’s time to start shop­ping at a dif­fer­ent mall.

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