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I con­sider my­self very for­tu­nate that I was around right at the time of Jaws and the me­chan­i­cal ef­fects of ’75; then Dawn Of The Dead in ’77; then in 1980, Amer­i­can Were­wolf In Lon­don – this ex­plo­sion of spe­cial ef­fects. I felt like I was right there watch­ing th­ese mile­stone mo­ments. I felt like I was part of it. I ended up be­com­ing part of it! I feel like nowa­days that ex­pe­ri­ence doesn’t ex­ist. Be­cause ev­ery­one knows, “Oh, it’s a com­puter.” The whole idea of trans­form­ing Linda Blair in The Ex­or­cist – those ques­tions don’t pop up into peo­ple’s minds any­more, be­cause the cur­tains have been pulled back. It was a crit­i­cal time too for guys like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Ro­driguez and Guillermo del Toro, who was a make-up ef­fects guy as well. I think we all grew up in the same alien pod when we were young. I think the fact that The Walk­ing Dead cel­e­brates all prac­ti­cal zombie make-ups also has in­vig­o­rated a new gen­er­a­tion of peo­ple who em­brace that. I love that I have 13-year-old kids who come up to me and say, “I wanna do what you do!”

I love that 13-year-old kids come up to me and say, ‘I wanna do what you do!’

The Walk­ing Dead con­tains many zombie tributes to clas­sic films.

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