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He is the one author in my life where I’ve read every­thing of his when it came out. I got to meet him and work with him when we were shoot­ing Creepshow 2. He was writ­ing a book then, and he would crum­ple up pages he was writ­ing, and throw them away. I went into his trailer, took a piece out of the trash and kept it. And then I re­alised it was Mis­ery! Years later I would work on the movie ver­sion of that book, and I showed him the old piece of pa­per that I took. It was kind of fun to be that kid and go, “Ooh, he’s writ­ing some­thing!”

The Walk­ing Dead is on Fox on Mon­day nights in the UK. It airs on AMC in the US.

Stephen King in Creepshow.

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