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15 | 93 min­utes

Direc­tor Christo­pher lan­don

Cast Tye Sheri­dan, Lo­gan Miller,

Joey Mor­gan, Sarah Du­mont, David Koech­ner

This hor­ror-com­edy has plenty of zip and a like­able lead, but it’s all been done be­fore – ex­cept the filthy bits. And per­haps they shouldn’t have been done at all.

Ben (Tye Sheri­dan) finds his in­ter­est in boyscout­ing wan­ing as scout­ing for ladies be­comes more of a press­ing con­cern. Wing­man Carter wants to party in­stead of ac­com­pa­ny­ing su­per-keen Augie on a cam­pout. But when they sneak off, a zom­bie out­break forces them to try and save the town with the help of Denise, a strip­per with – yep – a heart of gold.

Play­ing like a very late­fran­chise Amer­i­can Pie, Scouts has its funny mo­ments, but it’s largely ass gags, CGI gore, and the creepy as­ser­tion that male friend­ship’s golden but all women are slags. There’s a mean cun­nilin­gus scene, and Carter gropes a zom­bie’s breasts, rea­son­ing, “I just wanted to see some tit­ties!” It’s like watch­ing three dif­fer­ent films: one sleazy, one sweet, one mildly amus­ing. Per­haps Carter’s line, “It was fun when we were kids but we have to grow up, man!” should serve as the last word. Matt Glasby

DJ/elec­tro pro­ducer Dil­lon Fran­cis has a cameo as one of the zom­bies – and gets his head blown off.

Guess which one isn’t a scout.

Vin car­ried his pool cue ev­ery­where.

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