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Peggy has to hide her com­ings and go­ings from her strict board­ing house land­lady. Agent Sousa is called Su­san by one of his col­leagues. Jarvis’s (un­seen) wife gets a men­tion. Dr Ivchenko/ Fennhoff starts fin­ger­ing his ring. (It’s hyp­no­sis, okay?) One of Howard Stark’s in­ven­tions does some­thing it shouldn’t. Some­one shows a photo of Steve Rogers or there’s a clip from Cap­tain Amer­ica: The First Avenger. the hint of a su­per­power. Atwell is ut­terly plau­si­ble as a char­ac­ter whose wartime ex­ploits along­side Cap have been for­got­ten in a sex­ist post-war SSR that be­lieves fe­male agents are just there to do the fil­ing. Fac­ing that, it’s no won­der she goes ex­tra-cur­ric­u­lar to help clear the on-the-run Stark Sr, in the process form­ing a great dou­ble act with his but­ler-with-a-past Ed­win Jarvis (James D’Arcy).

The sea­son loses its way with a slightly too neat res­o­lu­tion and by over­play­ing Peggy’s woman-in-aman’s-world sit­u­a­tion – the sex­ism of her se­cret agent col­leagues is some­times too car­toon­ish and broad to be be­liev­able, di­min­ish­ing the im­pact of the drama. But now that Peggy has found some clo­sure with Cap, has fi­nally earned the re­spect of her co-work­ers, and is mov­ing to LA, sea­son two looks set to be a corker.

Ex­tras Just a sub-three-minute blooper reel. Richard Ed­wards

Ralph Brown’s Dr Jo­hann Fennhoff is Dr Faus­tus in the comics. He can be seen read­ing Doc­tor Faus­tus in one episode.

Pro­tect­ing the globe: lit­er­ally.

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