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The dark­est time­line re­leased OUT NOW! 448 pages | Paper­back/ebook Author adam Nevill Pub­lisher Pan

It’s hard not to get

de­pressed when you browse the news­pa­per stands. We’re con­stantly re­minded that we’re on the brink of en­vi­ron­men­tal cri­sis, while the tabloids glory in tales of vi­o­lence and mur­der. Lost Girl imag­ines an ul­tra­pes­simistic fu­ture where every­thing that could pos­si­bly have gone wrong has.

In 38 years’ time, cli­mate change has dis­placed mil­lions, while pan­demics rav­age the pop­u­lace. Amid this chaos, a lit­tle girl is stolen from her fam­ily. Wracked with grief and rage, her fa­ther sets out on a path of bloody re­venge. But there’s more to this dis­ap­pear­ance than meets the eye, and he’s soon face-to-face with the forces of the King Death cult...

This is a more sci­ence fic­tional tale than Adam Nevill’s pre­vi­ous work, but it’s just as rich with com­men­tary on hu­man­ity’s dark side as No One Gets Out Alive, which took a hard look at poverty. It’s also sur­pris­ingly fun... As the name­less fa­ther ram­pages across fu­ture Bri­tain off­ing drug deal­ers and sex of­fend­ers, the book comes off like a vis­ceral cross be­tween Taken, Death Wish and Ge­orge Mon­biot’s more pes­simistic Guardian col­umns. It’s a tough read, at times, but also a thrilling one.

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