The new­comer who plays Jakku’s most fa­mous scav­enger,

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Does Rey have an equiv­a­lent char­ac­ter in the orig­i­nal tril­ogy?

I never thought about where she would fit into. I didn’t feel like, “Oh, be­cause I’m a woman I need to be like Princess Leia,” or “Oh, be­cause I’m a scav­enger I need to be like Han Solo be­cause I’m off do­ing my own thing.” In terms of story, I guess the one I would com­pare her to most is Luke be­cause he starts off kind of not know­ing his own strength and goes off on this emo­tional jour­ney and finds out who he is. But again, he starts with the fam­ily and Rey be­gins alone. Princess Leia’s born into priv­i­lege, so that’s a to­tally dif­fer­ent thing. There’s no one re­ally… I think she’s a great new per­son rep­re­sent­ing all of the good things to come.

How have you dealt with all the se­crecy around the movie?

not be­ing able to tell my best friend [I had the role] was dif­fi­cult be­cause I was gain­ing some se­ri­ous mus­cle mass, and he was like,

“Where are your guns com­ing from? Why are you al­ways busy when you were lit­er­ally unemployed a month ago?” But in terms of the film I think the rea­son ev­ery­one’s keep­ing it a se­cret is for the best rea­son pos­si­ble. you know to a cer­tain ex­tent what to ex­pect – there’s go­ing to be droids, there’s go­ing to be crea­tures. But the emo­tional story, I think, will be a sur­prise, and that’s the best thing pos­si­ble.

We know Rey shares scenes with Han Solo. How do they come to­gether?

Well, you know, we go on a jour­ney to­gether, and he’s part of this jour­ney. But the whole film is a jour­ney of many peo­ple who come and go and con­trib­ute. That’s why I think it’s so good be­cause it never feels like any one per­son’s re­ally on their own. And it al­ways feels like an en­sem­ble, and it al­ways felt like a fam­ily, which is what peo­ple re­ally con­nected to [on the orig­i­nal movies]. I re­ally think pretty much ev­ery char­ac­ter in the film in­flu­ences the oth­ers.

Have you read the script for Episode VIII yet?

yes… which is weird, see­ing as there are bits of Episode VII I lit­er­ally can­not re­mem­ber, and then ev­ery now and again I’m like, “Oh! That thing hap­pens with that per­son.” So it’s weird I haven’t even seen Episode VII and I’ve read

Episode VIII. But Episode VIII is very cool. We start prin­ci­pal pho­tog­ra­phy in Jan­uary.

Just two years ago she had a small role in Ca­su­alty!

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