The new­est Bat­tle­front game hurls you into a gal­axy far, far away…

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he mak­ers of Bat­tle­front are well aware of what ev­ery­one who sees

The Force Awak­ens wants from a Star Wars game this year – spec­ta­cle: A-Wings cir­cling TIE Fight­ers in the skies above Hoth, darth Vader cut­ting down Rebels and Im­pe­rial Walk­ers be­ing am­bushed by snowspeed­ers…

Bat­tle­front has clearly been made to please Star Wars fans rather than Call Of Duty play­ers, which is a wise move. “We are try­ing to pro­vide for Star Wars fans across the board, that’s what this is about: fly­ing X-Wings, be­ing a Jedi, be­ing Stormtroop­ers and so on,” says de­sign di­rec­tor nik­las Fe­graeus. “But at its heart this is a Bat­tle­front game, which means that it’s a first-per­son shooter, and kind of a third-per­son shooter, which is an­other im­por­tant as­pect of the fran­chise. So we are try­ing to mix the things that are the most im­por­tant for those au­di­ences, and try­ing to make a game iden­tity out of it.”


This is, es­sen­tially, a very sim­ple game of Rebels vs Im­pe­ri­als, with no choice of classes like in the mid-noughties Bat­tle­front games, and in­stead of giv­ing the player an ex­pan­sive arse­nal, ev­ery­one car­ries a blaster. Other weapons, like sniper ri­fles, are used as bonus abil­i­ties. The maps are set across the rocky, vol­canic Sul­lust, Hoth, en­dor and Ta­tooine, and each is de­signed to of­fer vary­ing play­ing ex­pe­ri­ences based on the ter­rain. “dif­fer­ent plan­ets have dif­fer­ent iden­ti­ties and struc­tures. If you look at Hoth for ex­am­ple, you have very large snow sur­faces, then on en­dor there’s trees and rocks all over the place.”

even if it’s a lit­tle sim­ple to play, the ac­tion looks ex­tra­or­di­nary: the Bat­tle of Hoth has never looked this pretty, to the point where it’s easy to for­give the bla­tant con­ti­nu­ity er­ror of Luke run­ning around Hoth with a green lightsaber. With a mode ded­i­cated to fighter com­bat, too, this is more or less what a big

Star Wars game should be with Episode VII just a month away. Sa­muel Roberts

Hmm, won­der why it’s called Bat­tle­front…?

TIE Fighter vs X-Wing: place your bets.

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