From At­tack The Block to the First Or­der as Finn

SFX - - Star Wars The Force Awakens - Richard Ed­wards

How was it work­ing with the re­turn­ing cast, like Mark Hamill and Harrison ford?

It was fan­tas­tic work­ing with those guys. you’re go­ing to be quite sur­prised about how they are very much in­volved in this new story. It’s fan­tas­tic be­ing in­volved with peo­ple who are gen­uinely ex­cited to re­visit their past, their his­tory, and present a new nar­ra­tive to the au­di­ence now. It’s very gra­cious of them, I think.

JJ Abrams is a mas­sive Star Wars fan. What was it like shoot­ing with him?

I think the most amaz­ing thing about JJ is see­ing him geek out at mo­ments that he him­self was in­volved in plan­ning. you were there when we were talk­ing about th­ese ideas, but then see­ing it in his face, he would al­ways have a very geeky re­ac­tion to it. It’s re­ally cool to have a Star Wars fan di­rect a Star Wars movie be­cause you know that per­son is go­ing to take the fans’ ideas into con­sid­er­a­tion, as well as pay­ing homage to some­thing ev­ery­body loves.

So what’s the main thing JJ brings to the ta­ble?

When the first trailer came out, my favourite part – apart from me pop­ping out of nowhere – was the Mil­len­nium Fal­con. did you see that shot? When the cam­era’s just up­side down and it fo­cuses, re­fo­cuses, af­ter the Mil­len­nium Fal­con lev­els out? That’s JJ Abrams right there. It gives you a taste of what he will do. even though he’s do­ing all th­ese fu­tur­is­tic shots, it still feels like the orig­i­nals. There’s a look that feels like you’re watch­ing a con­tin­u­a­tion of what we had be­fore. It’s a good bal­ance of the old and new. finn gets to wear Stormtrooper ar­mour and wield a lightsaber. Did you geek out? Oh, it’s ex­cit­ing. Those images are the things that make me love Finn more and more each day. And ev­ery time I get to speak about him, I re­ally do see it as an op­por­tu­nity to kind of dis­cover who this dude is. For me, it’s so ex­cit­ing be­cause we have a char­ac­ter who will do every­thing a fan would want to do. If you were a fan com­ing on set, you’d want to wear the Stormtrooper out­fit, then you’d want to go and hold the lightsaber. Then you’d want to run away from ex­plo­sions. Finn gets to be in­volved in both sides, so for me, as a fan­boy, it just means I get to do dif­fer­ent stuff. I’m like, “yes! More.” It’s great.

From Stormtrooper to… where?

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