Meet Poe Dameron, the best frickin’ pi­lot in the gal­axy

SFX - - Star Wars The Force Awakens -

Did you have any stand­out mo­ments work­ing on the film?

When we first got to­gether to read the script and the first time we saw all of the cast to­gether, and the first time I heard An­thony daniels speak like c-3PO again, that was a pretty wild mo­ment.

Do you think the new cos­tumes will be iconic like the orig­i­nals?

I think Michael Kaplan is an amaz­ing cos­tume de­signer, and he’s cre­ated some re­ally iconic cos­tumes for us. So yeah, I think, yeah, they’ll def­i­nitely be fused with the char­ac­ters.

your char­ac­ter ap­pears to be quite the badass. How does he dif­fer from some of the other badasses we’ve seen in th­ese films, like Han Solo?

Be­cause this guy’s play­ing him. That’s why! Joseph McCabe

Domh­nall Glee­son’s Gen­eral Hux looks to be in the vil­lain­ous vein of Pe­ter Cush­ing.

Ooh, shiny!

Re­sis­tance scum…

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