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The brother from an­other mother

Debuting a year be­fore Alias in 2000, Brian Bendis’s Pow­ers also cen­tres on an ex-su­per­hero who in­ves­ti­gates their own kind. But de­spite sim­i­lar­i­ties in their former co­de­names, Bendis in­sists that the two se­ries are far from alike. “In Pow­ers, Walker is called Di­a­mond and Jes­sica is called Jewel, so that’s my tip of the hat,” he laughs. “They’re like a philo­soph­i­cal brother and sis­ter, as Walker lost his pow­ers and was sent back down to the mor­tals and then had to find his way again as a hu­man be­ing. Jes­sica never lost her pow­ers; she lost her way as a su­per­hero, and had to find a way to make her­self a whole per­son again. And Walker lost his way as a su­per­hero from the big­gest win while she lost hers from the big­gest de­feat that a su­per­hero could be given out­side of be­ing mur­dered.”

Shouldn’t there be blood every­where?

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