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Af­ter call­ing it quits last year, the Green Ar­row again picks up his bow…

Are things fi­nally look­ing up for Oliver?

Ev­ery­one dies in the first five min­utes of the sea­son pre­miere [laughs]. Ever since Slade Wil­son walked into the Queen man­sion, Oliver has been up against it and back. It was im­por­tant that we went through that to get to where we are now. But go­ing back there for the same rea­sons wouldn’t be in­ter­est­ing. So whether or not there are dire cir­cum­stances in our show, Oliver, if he has to deal with them, is go­ing to deal with them in a dif­fer­ent way.

How does Oliver’s life change?

Well, he can’t be the Ar­row. So if he’s go­ing to be a crime­fighter/hero, he’ll have to be some­thing dif­fer­ent. One of the things we lost by the mid­way point of sea­son two and all of sea­son three was the pub­lic per­sona of Oliver Queen. On the pub­lic per­sona side, peo­ple that are fans of the comics and the canon are go­ing to be ex­tremely ex­cited with what we are do­ing in sea­son four.

How big will this sea­son get?

I’ve read three episodes so far, and all of them seem big­ger than our fi­nale last year. But there’s a nice lit­tle el­e­ment of magic, mys­ti­cism this year, that will also tie into Oliver’s flash­back story. Joseph McCabe

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