SFX - - Victor Frankenstein - James mcavoy is Vic­tor Franken­stein

What makes this story so com­pelling that it’s been told so many times?

It’s about man tak­ing the place of God and it’s about our fear and our fas­ci­na­tion and our need as a race to grasp tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ment. We are amazed and we’re fas­ci­nated by it and we need it and yet we’re also des­per­ately scared of it all the time.

You en­joyed rock­ing the ’70s gear in X-Men: Days Of Fu­ture Past. Did you have as much fun with the Vic­to­rian gear?

Yeah, I love it! If you’ve got a coat with a big long tail you’re go­ing to swish it. If you’ve got a top hat you’re go­ing to flick it. To­tally. I love pe­riod cos­tumes. Not so much the ’80s cos­tumes that I just wore in [X-Men] Apoca­lypse… but nearly ev­ery other decade I seem to dig.

Do you have a favourite Vic­tor Franken­stein from cin­ema his­tory?

Never watched a Franken­stein movie, ever. That’s ter­ri­ble, isn’t it? I’ve seen bits and bobs but I’ve never sat down and watched one.

Was there a for­ma­tive hor­ror movie from your child­hood?

Ghoulies. Ghoulies was re­ally scary. Evil Dead was bril­liant, funny and ter­ri­fy­ing. And I re­mem­ber a hor­ror movie that re­ally stuck with me. It was a were­wolf movie – Gin­ger Snaps. But I’ve never seen Franken­stein as a hor­ror story. It’s al­ways been an ex­is­ten­tial cri­sis story for me. And this isn’t a hor­ror story either. For me this is a romp. This is a big old ad­ven­ture with some eth­i­cal com­plex­ity. PG-13! Look out for scenes of eth­i­cal com­plex­ity!

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