SFX - - Victor Frankenstein - Daniel RaD­cliffe is Igor

What does Max Lan­dis brings to this as a writer?

He brings his voice and his take on things, which is in­cred­i­bly, unashamedly en­ter­tain­ing and fast. The script goes at the pace his mind goes. And he has this abil­ity to write in­cred­i­bly ver­bose, highly in­tel­li­gent, ec­cen­tric char­ac­ters but also give them real heart. He un­der­stands that it’s not okay just to have cool, zany char­ac­ters – you have to care about them. For some­body who’s part of the younger group of writ­ers and is very cool and edgy there’s a real earnest­ness to his writ­ing, a real sin­cer­ity.

Did you go back and watch the clas­sic Franken­stein movies?

I didn’t par­tic­u­larly. I’ve been told for like a long time that I’m not a good mimic, and that it’s my ten­dency to mimic things. I al­ready had Marty Feldman in my head! If we were do­ing a com­edy Franken­stein or a straight-up hor­ror Franken­stein I think I would have felt more com­pelled to watch those and in­cor­po­rate more of that into what I was do­ing. I didn’t want to be sec­ond-guess­ing my choices be­cause god knows I do that enough any­way.

Igor’s a hunch­back – was it tough to cre­ate that kind of phys­i­cal­ity?

It had to be painful and it had to look like it was real. Most of the scenes I did like that were 30 sec­onds to a minute and a half long but there was one scene that was like four and a half min­utes long – when you’re walk­ing around like that it gets re­ally very sore, very quickly. Af­ter the four min­utes were over James slammed me into a pil­lar and I was so fuck­ing grate­ful to be slammed into a pil­lar! Yes! Good! Take me out of this go­daw­ful po­si­tion I chose for my­self!

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