The Scar­let Speed­ster!

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Barry Allen races into a sec­ond sea­son of The Flash…

How com­fort­able now is Barry be­ing the Flash?

Barry had got­ten a lot more com­fort­able be­ing the hero by the end of sea­son one. Things have kind of been flipped on their head for sea­son two. He’s gonna have to find his con­fi­dence again, and there’s gonna be a new men­tor that’s gonna help in­still con­fi­dence in Barry again, and take his pow­ers to a level that they had never been at in sea­son one. Barry’s gonna do some­thing with his pow­ers that he’s never done be­fore.

Ap­par­ently we’ll see his former men­tor Harrison Wells (aka the Re­verse-Flash) once more.

There won’t just be mul­ti­ple time­lines, there will be mul­ti­ple earths, a mul­ti­verse. The fact that Wells is on the show and alive in some world doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean that it’s Barry’s world. They will in­ter­act at some point, but I don’t know if it’s nec­es­sar­ily gonna be on Earth 1 or Earth 2. I’m say­ing those words right now but I shouldn’t be [laughs].

Are there any par­tic­u­lar DC char­ac­ters you would like to see on

I know Flash will ap­pear on

Leg­ends Of To­mor­row and Ar­row. And I know some of those char­ac­ters will ap­pear on Flash and

Ar­row as well. I like work­ing with Bran­don [Routh], just be­cause he’s fun, and I want to do more with Flash and Atom. I like their dy­namic, and I per­son­ally just like work­ing with Bran­don.

The Flash?

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