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Su­per­girl is ready to soar…

What’s it like to en­ter this world?

It is a daunt­ing thing. I feel a re­spon­si­bil­ity. There’s so much I have yet to learn about the uni­verse, but I am in the process. Peo­ple have al­ready been teach­ing me. I def­i­nitely want to do right by the fans. And I want to rep­re­sent her in a way that makes ev­ery­one happy. The sheer vast­ness of it is a lit­tle scary. I’m a re­ally big home­body. I’m a lit­tle shy. And putting my­self out there on such a grand scale, that’s pretty scary. But in a good way.

Have you spo­ken with any of the pre­vi­ous Su­per­girls to get any ad­vice on fill­ing the red boots?

I have spo­ken to He­len [Slater – Su­per­girl in the 1984 movie]. She is so sweet. I don’t think she’s ever lost Su­per­girl. She is a Su­per­girl. We talk about train­ing, what she had to do. She was re­ally lucky and got to do archery and horse­back rid­ing. She was in England, and I guess they think about work­ing out dif­fer­ently than we do [laughs]. Be­cause I’m get­ting my butt kicked.

Su­per­girl is a brighter hero than many we’ve seen lately. Is that some­thing you keep in mind when you’re shoot­ing?

Of course. We want to stay on the hope­ful, light, sunny side of this. Re­cently there’s been a lot of dark, gritty su­per­hero sto­ries. That’s awe­some. Chris Nolan’s Bat­mans are un­be­liev­able. But there’s also some­thing re­ally beau­ti­ful about pos­i­tiv­ity, and the re­ally up­lift­ing

story of Su­per­girl.

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