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Candice Allen, Face­book I’ve re­ally loved Clara Oswald. She’s smart, witty and not afraid of what’s to come. I don’t know why so many peo­ple dis­like her – per­haps it’s be­cause she isn’t a meek com­pan­ion?

Tim Pilcher, Twit­ter With­out a doubt the most an­noy­ing as­sis­tant since Mel and Ace.

Daniel Lan­gr­ish-Beard, email To be hon­est I’m very happy Clara’s leav­ing. She never re­ally stayed on the TARDIS; never gave up every­thing to fly with the Doc­tor. I’ve never re­ally felt like she gelled with the show.

Kevin Hall, Face­book I’ll miss Jenna – she brought a bright and breezy ap­proach to Clara and I loved how she one-upped the Doc­tor on more than one oc­ca­sion. Hope she gets an emo­tional, tear-jerk­ing two-part exit.

Claire Rose­mary Pugh, Face­book What is there to like about Clara? She’s va­pid and has about as much per­son­al­ity as a cu­cum­ber. SFX You clearly haven’t met my best friend, Clarence the cu­cum­ber. He’s quite the card.

Kather­ine Eas­ton-Camp­bell, Face­book I won’t miss her. Jenna’s a good ac­tress but it needs to be the Doc­tor’s show again.

Bob Lee, Face­book For too long now it’s been all about the com­pan­ion. It’s called Doc­tor Who, not The Ad­ven­tures Of A Time-Trav­el­ling Com­pan­ion, Guest-Star­ring The Doc­tor! SFX That’d prob­a­bly be dif­fi­cult to fit into a logo.

The Haunted Guy, Games Radar+ If she’d died at the end of “Last Christ­mas”, as was in­tended, (or just got old) I think it would have been the per­fect end­ing.

Tony Bufton, Face­book She’s a teacher yet can walk into UNIT and get bossy – WTF?! We need a re­turn to a non-hu­man com­pan­ion with no ties. SFX How about Tom Baker’s old idea of a talk­ing cab­bage? They can prob­a­bly do that with CGI now…

Em­met O’Brien, Face­book Even though she’s been here for two sea­sons I don’t have a han­dle on any par­tic­u­lar char­ac­ter there. She changes ev­ery

Jenna’s a good ac­tress but it needs to be the Doc­tor’s show again

episode, and say­ing “... stuff” does not make her com­pelling.

Glenn Allen, Face­book Clara does my nut in. Ap­par­ently she’s smarter than the en­tirety of UNIT. She’s quite a hor­ri­ble per­son when you think about her re­la­tion­ship with Danny, ly­ing to him and lead­ing her sec­ond life. SFX Hey, it’s not ex­actly easy to tell some­one you’re a time trav­eller. They’re likely to think you’re mad!

Ian Sals­bury, Face­book For years peo­ple have wanted a more in­tel­li­gent, proac­tive com­pan­ion but when they get one they’re not happy.

Medium Atomic Weight, Games Radar+ We’re on sea­son nine and we still haven’t had a proper male com­pan­ion. Jamie, Harry, Ben, Ian and Tur­lough have all shown how great a male pres­ence in the TARDIS can be. Time for the ladies to move over and let the Doc­tor have a se­ri­ous bro­mance! SFX I’m all for a male com­pan­ion… af­ter the Doc­tor’s re­gen­er­ated into a woman. #CLASS WAR

The Llama God, email I think the idea of a new spin-off for Doc­tor Who is prop­erly Class. Hav­ing been a big fan of The Sarah Jane Ad­ven­tures, I think there’s room for a more yoof-ori­ented spin-off – es­pe­cially given the rather dark and not-quite-kid-friendly turn that Who’s taken of late.

I’m not re­ally both­ered whether Clara ap­pears in it or not – she’ll have had enough screen time by then. What I do de­mand is an ap­pear­ance by the screen­canon­ised head of Coal Hill School’s board of Gov­er­nors, ’60s com­pan­ion Ian Ch­ester­ton. While I fully sup­port the idea be­hind Class, if the se­ries does at no point fea­ture a cardi­ganed Ch­ester­ton punch­ing aliens off the roof of the school, then this is one class I’ll be drop­ping out of.

An­drew Davies-Land, Face­book Just give us a Paul McGann minis­eries and bring back Su­san! Stop with the shifty spin-offs and con­vo­luted ideas! No one wants to watch the twatty un­like­able kids of Coal Hill School fight mon­sters for eight weeks! SFX Calm down An­drew. The Sarah Jane Ad­ven­tures was a great show, and Buffy The Vam­pire Slayer – which this spin-off will prob­a­bly be more akin to – was never less than bril­liant, so I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing what they do with Class. Shame about the un­der­whelm­ing ti­tle, mind.


Priya Turner, email I’m a bit wor­ried about the new se­ries of Twin Peaks. I’ve been watch­ing Swedish drama Jord­skott, which fo­cuses on a small town of odd­balls who have some­thing creepy go­ing on in their for­est, and its themes keep re­mind­ing me of Peaks. Then there’s Way­ward Pines, also about a town full of odd­balls with some­thing creepy go­ing on. And Grimm, about a town with some­thing creepy go­ing on, and Once Upon A Time, and even things like Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story... The weird­ness that made Peaks such a suc­cess isn’t re­mark­able any more, so what will they do with the new se­ries? Is there any­thing left to say, or did the show in­flu­ence so many se­ries that fol­lowed it that it’s ren­dered it­self point­less? SFX Quit fret­ting, Priya, it’ll be fine. David Lynch is a ge­nius – he’ll find a way to turn things on their head. Maybe this time it’ll be an earnest, quirk-free straight drama?

Why’s C5 wait­ing till next year to show Gotham?


Keith Tu­dor, email Why did the BBC treat the new se­ries of Or­phan Black so harshly, tucked away in the early hours of the morn­ing at the week­end? How is that meant to at­tract any kind of au­di­ence? Is this the BBC hat­ing the genre as silly and “for the geeks who’ve prob­a­bly all down­loaded it any­way” or is there an­other rea­son for this? I sup­pose we should be grate­ful it’s on at all.

Robert Gra­ham, email The BBC’s treat­ment of Or­phan Black re­minds me of the bad old days of the ’90s when they would hide any sci-fi con­tent on BBC Two at 6pm be­cause they were ashamed and em­bar­rassed of the genre. A hit se­ries, crit­i­cally ac­claimed, hid­den away and rushed through as though they wanted rid of it as quickly as pos­si­ble. Ar­riv­ing in the UK with hardly any ad­ver­tis­ing mean­ing I nearly missed it doesn’t help either.

SFX Se­ries three de­buted on iPlayer, so the Beeb ob­vi­ously felt they could tuck it away in the con­ven­tional sched­ules. But it’s so easy to miss things on iPlayer if they’re not flagged up in list­ings mags, and it’s a cry­ing shame to think that peo­ple are un­likely to stum­ble across a good show like this by ac­ci­dent.


Jas­mine Boyd, email When will peo­ple stop de­scrib­ing any story in­volv­ing a bit of brass or steam power as “steam­punk”? There’s a lot more to steam­punk than that, and weld­ing some brass onto a bog-stan­dard fan­tasy or space opera isn’t enough. Where’s the sense of an al­ter­nate his­tory? Where’s the tech­no­log­i­cal plau­si­bil­ity? As a genre, it’s be­com­ing de­based even faster than ur­ban fan­tasy was – and at least that’s got plenty of sex!

SFX Hear hear! Au­thors: quit just su­per-glu­ing cogs onto things!


Paul Hughes, Face­book They can make as many Trans­form­ers films as they want. Don’t care. Won’t watch them. But by mak­ing Pa­cific Rim 2 we are po­ten­tially miss­ing out on other, bet­ter Guillermo del Toro projects. He owes us noth­ing, but I still self­ishly hope that none of his pre­cious time is wasted fol­low­ing up that movie. I’m still up­set that At The Moun­tains Of Mad­ness stalled!

SFX Just in case Michael Bay is read­ing, can I add: please DON’T make as many Trans­form­ers films as you want. We’ve suf­fered enough.

Ashley Beech­ing, email Is­sue 266’s Freespeak with Pat Mills was a scin­til­lat­ing read. It’s heart­en­ing to read that the ad­vanc­ing years haven’t dulled his anger at the worlds of pol­i­tics and en­ter­tain­ment one iota. I look for­ward to see­ing what in­sti­tu­tions and dog­matic power struc­tures he deems fit to rail against next in the pages of 2000 AD and be­yond!

Andy Kin­n­ear, Face­book down a cameo in Ghost­busters, Rick Mo­ra­nis de­cided to stay out of what Michael J Fox de­scribes in his book as “The Hol­ly­wood Bub­ble”. Fair play to him. He hopes it does well, but he is sim­ply not in­ter­ested. It makes a re­fresh­ing change from the lime­light grab­bers!

SFX Any­thing Rick Mo­ra­nis does is al­right by me – he’ll al­ways be my role model and style guru. Which may ex­plain why I’m sin­gle.

Nicki Sands, email Why’s Chan­nel 5 wait­ing un­til next year to show Gotham? There’s so much in­ter­net buzz about how great sea­son two is. It seems per­verse that a TV com­pany wouldn’t want to cap­i­talise on free pre-pub­lic­ity. By Jan­uary the show may have been can­celled (hope­fully not) so they could be launch­ing it amidst ter­ri­ble pub­lic­ity. You’d have thought show­ing it sooner would cut down on piracy too!

SFX I’m start­ing to de­tect­ing a theme here. TV sched­ulers: our read­ers all think you’re


So would Maisie Wil­liams make a good com­pan­ion? Eh, eh?

We want fresh cherry pie, do you hear us, fresh!

James Gor­don meets Chan­nel 5 bosses?

Some­one else has stayed up late to catch Or­phan Black.

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