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The jour­nal­ist, Writer and Host of Newswatch walks us Through her Sci-fi faves

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Favourite SF/fan­tasy film?

I grew up on dystopian sf films on Tv in the ’70s. But The An­dromeda Strain (1971) was the one that left the great­est mark. I was ob­sessed with its ster­il­is­ing process and coloured lev­els as the sci­en­tists de­scended fur­ther. When I went on the Hong Kong un­der­ground last year I was ridicu­lously ex­cited to find the colour coded sta­tions were an ex­act match for The An­dromeda Strain’s lev­els.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy TV show?

Star Trek over­all but Space: 1999 was a huge in­flu­ence, even though it was so bleak. I adored Maya – the spock-like alien who also scored the Ital­ian boyfriend. My mum took me to the Space: 1999 walk­through ex­pe­ri­ence at sel­fridges in about 1975. I once in­ter­viewed Martin Lan­dau who, bril­liantly, still talks se­ri­ously like Com­man­der Koenig about the rules of life on Moon­base Al­pha.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy book?

The Hand­maid’s Tale is haunt­ingly good be­cause, like the orig­i­nal Planet Of The Apes films, it’s about a so­ci­ety ruled by re­li­gious fun­da­men­tal­ism. There is noth­ing more fright­en­ing in sf or plau­si­ble, than a re­treat to the ir­ra­tional.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy comic?

I dis­cov­ered Won­der Woman on my first trip to Amer­ica in 1976 and still col­lect sil­ver and Bronze Age is­sues. Is­sue 206 fas­ci­nates me, when she finds she has a black sis­ter called Nu­bia and has to fight her. Won­der Woman rarely had the writ­ers she de­served, but she – and her sis­ter – are the great­est.

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