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Prometheus’s sur­vivors go to meet their makers

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What’s in a name?

Sir Ri­d­ley Scott’s Prometheus se­quel fi­nally ad­mits it’s really an Alien pre­quel. In fact, Scott’s con­firmed that Alien: Covenant (pre­vi­ously Par­adise Lost) is the sec­ond of a tril­ogy that will re­sult in a cer­tain crois­sant-shaped ship crash­ing on LV-426 and giv­ing John Hurt an up­set tummy.

head hun­ters

We’ll be re­join­ing the dis­em­bod­ied head of mildly treach­er­ous as­tro­droid David (Michael Fass­ben­der) and (we’re guess­ing, though this is yet to be of­fi­cially con­firmed) Dr El­iz­a­beth Shaw (Noomi Ra­pace), last seen plot­ting a course to the En­gi­neers’ home planet, to find out why those big bald “gods” have it in for the hu­man race. There are plans to en­sure that David’s “im­mo­bile nog­gin” sta­tus doesn’t cause a drag on the ac­tion – we’re hop­ing Dalek, but a JARVIS-like com­men­tary is more likely.

Fresh meat

Shaw and David aren’t the only things on the menu though. The film will fol­low the crew of the colony ship Covenant. Bound for a planet on the far side of the galaxy, they dis­cover what they think is an un­charted par­adise, only to re­alised that it’s ac­tu­ally a dark, dan­ger­ous world. No, not Pon­tins, Prestatyn, but a planet whose sole in­hab­i­tant is David. Ques­tion is, what’s he done with Shaw? And while this band of in­ter­ga­lac­tic wan­der­ers is not of­fi­cially Wey­land-Yu­tani spon­sored, we doubt it’s a co­in­ci­dence they meet.

meet­ing the makers

The Mil­tonesque ti­tle that the film pre­vi­ously had (Alien: Par­adise Lost) sug­gested that things have all gone a bit splatty in “heaven”. Shaw, David and the crew of the Covenant ar­rive at the En­gi­neers’ planet look­ing for an­swers only to dis­cover that mankind’s cre­ators’ ap­palling arse­nal has been mis­fired with rather hor­ri­ble re­sults. But while the lo­cals have been dec­i­mated, the new food-chain top­pers are ea­ger to show any tourists the best din­ing spots…

the bitch is back?

Not quite. As with Prometheus, th­ese bio-me­chan­i­cal weapons are dis­tant cousins of your clas­sic Alien, so ex­pect them for the most part to have that same feel of fa­mil­iar­but-dif­fer­ent. But Covenant will start ex­plor­ing ex­actly how and why the more fa­mous brand of xenomorph was cre­ated, so ex­pect to see a peek of that iconic dou­ble jaw.

ri­p­ley re­turns?

Sir Rid­dles has let slip that he’s thrown in a ref­er­ence to Ellen Ri­p­ley. Fans hop­ing for a Sigour­ney Weaver cameo should un­sticky their palms though – we’d bet on this be­ing noth­ing more than a fa­mil­iar sur­name on the trav­ellers’ crew log: any­one think­ing a badass space momma?

Five alive

Covenant goes into pro­duc­tion be­fore the Neill Blomkamp-di­rected Alien V. Ri­p­ley will turn up here very much alive, along with Michael Biehn’s re­turn­ing Hicks, but don’t ex­pect any cross­over with Covenant – it will likely be tak­ing its cues from James Cameron: this time it really will

be war.

When to ex­pect it

Alien: Covenant will at­tach it­self to faces on 6

Oc­to­ber 2017.

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