Who you gonna call? A case for the re­booted spook-chasers…

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The world’s been cry­ing out for an­other Ghost­busters movie for over a quar­ter of a cen­tury. There’s been no short­age of ru­mours – ev­ery­thing from a stan­dard three­quel with the orig­i­nal team, to Bill Mur­ray as a Venkghost, and Seth Ro­gen lead­ing a new gen­er­a­tion of spook hun­ters…

But now a film’s ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing, much of the in­ter­net has de­cided they don’t like it – de­spite the fact no one’s seen much be­yond a few pho­tos from pro­duc­tion. Mad, right?

Be­cause the route this Ghost­busters re­boot is tak­ing is ge­nius. Bring­ing the orig­i­nal cast back is no longer an op­tion – the sad death of Harold Ramis in 2014 made sure of that, and Mur­ray never seemed keen any­way – so do­ing some­thing new with the con­cept is the only way to go. A like-for-like re­tread of ar­guably the great­est sci-fi com­edy of all time (sorry, Space­balls) is doomed to fail­ure, so it’s time to shake-up the for­mula – and bring­ing in all-fe­male ’Busters is a bril­liant way to do that.

As with the orig­i­nal, the cast is packed with proven co­me­di­ans lifted from the ranks of Satur­day Night Live, while Brides­maids di­rec­tor Paul Feig has some se­ri­ous laugh cre­den­tials. Many of the orig­i­nal cast are back for cameos, the up­dated suits and Ecto-1 look the part, and Thor is play­ing the re­cep­tion­ist. It won’t be the orig­i­nal – and nor should it try to be – but the world is more than big enough for two Ghost­bust­ing teams. Richard Ed­wards

That ghost’s still look­ing sur­prised af­ter all th­ese years.

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