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The BBC has lost 14 of

Doomwatch’s 38 episodes – but which would we most like to see?

1.02 “Fri­day’s Child”

A lat­ter­day Franken­stein grows new life in a lab. “The agony was piled on with­out re­straint,” said the Daily Mir­ror.

1.13 “sur­vival Code”

A nu­clear war­head is washed up at the end of a pier. Toby Wren thinks he’s de­fused it – but then he finds an­other wire…

3.01 “Fire and Brim­stone”

John Ridge turns ter­ror­ist in an episode that en­raged loyal view­ers – but rightly or wrongly? We’d love to find out for our­selves.

3.03 “say Knife, Fat man”

A pre-Doc­tor Who Elis­a­beth Sladen plays “Sarah” (!), one of a gang of rad­i­cal stu­dents steal­ing plu­to­nium to build their own Bomb.

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