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RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK The clas­sic se­quence where Indy’s theft of an idol trig­gers poi­son darts and sends a gi­ant boul­der rolling af­ter him was in­spired by 1954 Un­cle Scrooge strip “The Seven Cities Of Ci­bola”.

DOC­TOR WHO “THE FIVE DOC­TORS” The tiled floor in the Tomb of Ras­silon looks harm­less, but reach­ing the fifth row ac­ti­vates deadly green BBC Mi­cro graph­ics! Un­less you can cal­cu­late the safe path us­ing the math­e­mat­i­cal con­stant pi, that is… CUBE Vincenzo Natali’s cult 1997 film sees a bunch of strangers trapped in a maze of iden­ti­cal rooms, cut down by booby traps. Ac­ti­vated by mo­tion, heat or sound, they slice you apart with ra­zor­wire or spray acid in your face.

RES­I­DENT EVIL In the 2002 videogame adap, open­ing a door trips a de­fence sys­tem that sends a laser along a cor­ri­dor at an­kle, chest and head height. Just when it looks like Colin Salmon’s ath­letic com­mando will sur­vive, it switches to a grid for­ma­tion and dices the poor bug­ger. Ouch.

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