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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15/12 | Blu-ray/dVd Di­rec­tor Terry Jones Cast si­mon Pegg, Kate Beck­in­sale, sanjeev Bhaskar, rob rig­gle

What would you do if you could wish for ab­so­lutely any­thing? We think we’d start by wish­ing this was a bet­ter film.

The most frus­trat­ing thing about Ab­so­lutely Any­thing is that it has so much go­ing for it. Monty Python! Robin Wil­liams! Di­rected by Terry Jones! And star­ring Si­mon Pegg, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ed­die Iz­zard… There’s so much comic tal­ent here and it’s ut­terly wasted.

Aliens (voiced by the Python team) give a hu­man (Pegg) the abil­ity to do, well, ab­so­lutely any­thing for 10 days – af­ter that, they’ll de­cide whether or not to de­stroy the Earth based on how he uses his pow­ers.

It’s a fun con­cept that’s poorly re­alised as Pegg bum­bles along, making bad choices and caus­ing a range of un­funny sce­nar­ios to un­fold around him. The overly lit­eral na­ture of the wishes causes much “hi­lar­ity”, but also leads him to aban­don any sen­si­ble at­tempts to ac­tu­ally im­prove his life or help those around them. A frus­trat­ing, con­fused mess.

Ex­tras Five mini fea­turettes plus six short cast/crew in­ter­views (65 min­utes) – but noth­ing new or riv­et­ing. Note that while the DVD’s a 12, the Blu-ray fea­tures a 15-rated cut with ex­tra swears. Rhian Drinkwa­ter

When you find out your dog’s a Nazi…

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