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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | Blu-ray/dVd

Di­rec­tor seth MacFar­lane

Cast Mark Wahlberg, seth MacFar­lane, amanda seyfried, Gio­vanni ribisi

As far as high-con­cept come­dies go, Ted was a treat: sharp, acer­bic and won­der­fully weird. Ted 2 is a clas­sic case of a cash-in se­quel.

Af­ter be­ing branded property by the state, Ted takes the fight for his civil rights to court with the help of his Thun­der Buddy John and Amanda Seyfried’s stoner lawyer Sam. But the film never em­braces this court­room drama con­ceit, and quickly de­scends into a te­dious road movie. The hu­mour is cruder than ever – at one point they travel to a sperm bank, the punch­line wear­ingly pre­dictable – while Sam only ex­ists to lust over John.

A late-in-the-day fight se­quence at New York Comic Con is good fun, with lots of geeky sight gags, and there are some su­perb, ir­rev­er­ent cameos, but ul­ti­mately it’s a let­down – over­long, lack­ing laughs and miss­ing the magic that made Ted a sur­prise hit.

Ex­tras Com­men­tary by MacFar­lane, two co-writ­ers and star Jes­sica Barth; four min­utes of duff deleted scenes; a grat­ing gag reel; and a se­lec­tion of unin­spir­ing fea­turettes on the Ted/John re­la­tion­ship, cre­at­ing NY Comic Con, the cameos, the open­ing dance num­ber and the road­trip. Jor­dan Far­ley

Pa­trick War­bur­ton’s Guy dresses as the Tick at NY Comic Con. War­bur­ton played the Tick in the 2001 TV se­ries.

Just never scoff the free nuts.

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