Sin­is­Ter 2

Time to Bughuul off?

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re­leased 28 de­CeM­Ber 2015 | 15 | dVd/Blu-ray/down­load

Di­rec­tor Ciarán Foy

Cast James ran­sone, shan­nyn

sos­sa­mon, robert daniel sloan

Sin­is­ter’s clev­er­ness was both the best and worst thing about it. The way it re­vealed its vil­lain’s fiendish plan was creepy, but it also felt over-en­gi­neered. This se­quel doesn’t have that prob­lem – while it’s still overly con­vo­luted, it’s also really, really stupid.

James Ran­sone, who played the goofy name­less deputy in the first movie, has been brought back and shoved into the lead role (though an­noy­ingly he still hasn’t got a name). “Ex-Deputy So And So” is now a pri­vate de­tec­tive who burns down mur­der houses to stop the de­monic Bughuul claim­ing more vic­tims. But a new fam­ily has moved into one of the houses, and the kids are al­ready hav­ing sleep­overs with Bughuul’s army of un­dead tweens.

Since there’s no mystery left to the de­mon’s MO, Sin­is­ter 2 has to scrab­ble for a new twist. And yeah, there’s some fun in the idea that it’s mov­ing out of, not into, a haunted house that’s dan­ger­ous, but once the do­mes­tic abuse sub­plot kicks in it’s ob­vi­ous where things are go­ing. There are few sur­prises and even fewer scares; Bughuul was never the most fright­en­ing movie mon­ster, but here he’s so in­ef­fec­tual he might as well have taken the week off.

It’s clichéd, dull and laboured, with a dark but sloppy aes­thetic. As a movie lover, you’d imag­ine even Bughuul would be dis­ap­pointed with this non­sense.

Ex­tras Ten min­utes of bor­ing deleted scenes; full-length ver­sions of all the “kill films” from the movie, plus a com­pe­ti­tion-win­ning short in the same style; a 10-minute Making Of doc; and an au­dio com­men­tary with di­rec­tor Ciarán Foy. Sarah Dobbs

Few sur­prises and even fewer scares

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