The Em­peror’s shilling

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Pub­lisher Games work­shop

Re­mem­ber Space Cru­sade from the early ’90s? A gen­er­a­tion was con­scripted into Warham­mer 40,000 cour­tesy of that re­cruit­ing sergeant mas­querad­ing as a boardgame. This new one aims to press gang the PS4 gen­er­a­tion.

Set dur­ing the Im­perium’s civil war, two play­ers each com­mand a small force of Space Marines clash­ing in sub­ter­ranean tun­nels. The mod­u­lar board, ref­er­ence cards, minia­tures plucked from Games Work­shop’s own model line and com­bat dice all hark back to that rainy Sun­day af­ter­noon sta­ple of 25 years ago.

Play is quick, with turns pass­ing from one player to the next with alacrity, and it’s very ac­ces­si­ble. The rules have been in­flu­enced by the likes of Games Work­shop’s own Space Hulk and more re­cent games such as Star Wars: Im­pe­rial As­sault, re­ward­ing tac­ti­cal think­ing while also en­abling less ex­pe­ri­enced play­ers to enjoy them­selves too. The 38 mod­els are bril­liantly de­tailed and are the ideal nu­cleus for (or re­in­force­ments to) a much larger force, should you wish to progress to the ta­ble top. Pricey, but a wor­thy spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to an iconic sci-fi boardgame. Michael Abolins-Far­rell

The game might in­clude just 38 minia­tures... But there are 172 in­di­vid­ual parts from which to build them.

What you wait­ing for, get scrap­ping!

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