Will Santa bring any you of th­ese in his sack?

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1 Here’s some­thing ap­pro­pri­ately fes­tive! Well, if you’re a goth that is… Funko’s lat­est plush range con­tin­ues with th­ese ever so cute and cud­dly The Night­mare Be­fore Christ­mas Mopeez (FPI price £8.99 each; prod­uct codes D4227, D4229, D4233, D4234). From left to right we have: the vil­lain­ous Oo­gie Boo­gie, a yel­low-eyed vam­pire teddy bear, the two-faced Mayor of Hal­loween Town (turn him round and the loon’s grin­ning in­sanely!), and Jack Skelling­ton’s love in­ter­est Sally. Mopeez of Jack and his faith­ful ghost-dog Zero are also avail­able. Each stands about 15cm tall… well, sits ac­tu­ally, on a bot­tom spe­cially weighted to pre­vent them fall­ing over. 2 Four new Doc­tor Who 5.5 inch ac­tion fig­ures here (FPI price £29.99 for the Cu­ra­tor/oth­ers £14.99; prod­uct codes D2878, D4411, D2874, D2875), and they’re a mixed bunch. Best is the Cu­ra­tor, Tom Baker’s enig­matic char­ac­ter from “The Day Of The Doc­tor”; well de­tailed, he comes with a walk­ing stick and a (slightly rub­bish) lentic­u­lar “Gal­lifrey Falls” paint­ing. Clara is good too, but Peter Ca­paldi’s Twelfth Doc­tor, which comes in black or pur­ple shirt vari­ants, could be any­one! Do what we did by play­ing a game of “peo­ple this looks more like”.

3 Lest you think th­ese Grem­lins Re-Ac­tion Fig­ures (FPI price £8.99 each; prod­uct codes D1175, D1177, D1179) are suit­able for chil­dren, the box makes it abun­dantly clear that they are an “ADULT COL­LECTIBLE – NOT A TOY” – so hands off, kids! A fully poseable Billy Peltzer, Christ­mas Gizmo with key­board and Gizmo with Bar­ney the dog are pic­tured above, while Stripe and three

types of Grem­lin are also avail­able. Built to look like clas­sic Ken­ner toys, they’re charm­ingly retro but have trou­ble stay­ing up­right, so you might want to leave them in the box.

4 You’re en­ter­ing dan­ger­ous ter­ri­tory writ­ing “What A Piece Of Junk” on the side of a piece of merch, but this Star

Wars mug (FPI price £5.99; prod­uct code D2885) gets away with it be­cause: a) said hunk of junk is the fastest in the galaxy and b) a pic­ture of the Mil­len­nium Fal­con im­proves pretty much any­thing it’s slapped onto. A Princess Leia mug bear­ing an “I love you” slo­gan is also avail­able – per­fect for a quick cup of co­coa be­fore you go into deep freeze for sev­eral months.

5 It may look like a minia­ture Batarang – and looks lethal enough to sling at some crims in a Gotham al­ley – but the

Bat­man Multi-Tool (FPI price £4.99; prod­uct code C7389) is in­tended for ev­ery­day house­hold chores rather than the cold­minded pur­suit of jus­tice. There’s a bot­tle-open­ing func­tion for those crafty Bat-brews, a crosshead screw­driver and a flat­head screw­driver for ur­gent re­pairs to the Bat­mo­bile, plus a handy keychain to clip it to your util­ity belt. Note: may also be in­serted into your nos­trils as a hip­ster ’tache. Note: not rec­om­mended. 6 This Cy­ber­man At­tack

Toy (£29.99; prod­uct code C6738) is great fun. Press the “start” but­ton on the side of the hor­ri­bly-lime-green blaster and he starts lum­ber­ing slowly for­ward, say­ing things like “Pre­pare for up­grad­ing!” You’ve got 30 sec­onds to blast him with an in­fra-red beam. Shoot him in the face (!) three times and his left arm drops off – which is kinda hi­lar­i­ous. Three more and it gets in­creas­ingly Monty Python And The Holy Grail as the other arm goes. The gun doesn’t have much of a range (2.5 me­tres), and you have to be pretty low to the ground for your hits to reg­is­ter. But then, that shouldn’t be an is­sue for the an­kle-biters this is aimed at.







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