She will live the life she chooses (...mostly)

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UK Broad­cast Syfy, Tues­days

Canada Broad­cast Show­case, fin­ished

Episodes Re­viewed 5.01-5.16

BO Okay, it’s our fi­nal sea­son. Who’s the bad

guy again?

HADES I’m go­ing to de­stroy

the world!

BO Ah yes, Hades is my dad. Still, I have my BFF Kenzi, and so my life is awesome!

KENZI I’m mov­ing to Spain.

BO …My life sucks.

To make her­self feel bet­ter, Bo has sex with Tam­sin.

TAM­SIN Bo is to­tally beau­ti­ful.

ZEUS It’s true, Bo’s skin is


BO’S MUM (CAMEO) My god, you’re


EV­ERY­BODY IN THE SHOW AT SOME POINT Bo is so pretty! THE AU­DI­ENCE We’ve watched five

sea­sons of this. Al­right, guys, we get it, Bo’s fab­u­lous. Can

we move on now?

BO …No, no, it’s fine, do

carry on.

HaDes is re­leased from Tar­tarus. He wants to bond with Bo, but she’s hav­ing none of it.

BO I don’t care if you’re Eric Roberts, you’re

a crappy dad!

HADES But I love you! I’m a good guy really.

BO You left a weird hand­print on my


HADES Tat­toos are in! And look, I saved the life of Dyson’s teenage son!

THE AU­DI­ENCE Meh, no­body cares

about him. LaU­Ren and Bo get back to­gether again.

BO & LAU­REN We’re so bliss­fully


Five min­utes later…

LAU­REN I can’t do this, Bo, I’m

leav­ing you.

THE AU­DI­ENCE We’ve watched five

sea­sons of this. Al­right, guys, we get

it, your love is doomed. Can we move on now?

HaDes still hasn’t done any­thing evil. TRiCK hasn’t done any­thing at all.

TRICK I’m get­ting wor­ried. When Hale was in the show and had noth­ing

to do, he died.

HaDes kills TRiCK.

TRICK Called it!

HaDes turns Bo into an evil Dark Queen. she nearly kills ev­ery­body but has a flash­back to all the snog­ging she’s done over the last five years and turns good again. Then Tam­sin dies giv­ing birth to HaDes’ baby daugh­ter.

BO I’m so sad Tam­sin

is dead.

LAU­REN Wanna get to­gether?

BO Sure!

THE AU­DI­ENCE Again? Bah, we’re not

go­ing to miss this.

Tam­sin’s BaBY grows up and meets Bo for the first time.

TAM­SIN’S DAUGH­TER You’re so beau­ti­ful!

THE AU­DI­ENCE Oh, okay, we’re go­ing

to miss that.

BO …Not as much as I will.

Jayne Nel­son

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