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SFX - - First Contact -

nigel-o-brien Pierce Bros­nan as

Cap­tain Nemo. Robert El­liott Wa­ter! Kevin All­port I’d like to see some­thing ORIG­I­NAL!

Keith Heeney So long as he gets Kirk Dou­glas singing about his tat­too to a sea lion he will be on to a win­ner.

FlangeBadger I’d like to see the Nau­tilus flushed down a toi­let then they’d try to find Nemo and the film could be called Find­ing Nemo.

Scott H Would have been more in­ter­est­ing when it was David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Un­der The Sea. Singer’s will come across as bland.

Einez Cre­spo Hol­ly­wood: quit re­mak­ing and re­boot­ing stuff.

Bat­tle Startrek Rather Christopher Nolan took that on.

Alexandra The film fol­low­ing the book would be a good start.

Julie Evan­son With an all-male main cast how about making one (or more) of the leads a woman, so it’s not such a sausage-fest?

Scott Grif­fin Vin­nie Jones mo-cap­ping the gi­ant squid.

Gavin S Verne wasn’t writ­ing a pe­riod piece, he was writ­ing some­thing fu­tur­is­tic, so make the Nau­tilus sleek and fu­tur­is­tic too. David Jones Gi­ant crabs!

The Red Dragon Have fun with the un­der­wa­ter world – make the ocean as mind-blow­ing as space.

Ali Close Never really liked The Mys­te­ri­ous Is­land, so end Nemo’s story on 20,000 Leagues’ am­bigu­ous note. And DON’T set up a se­quel.

Corine Duke Make it part of the DCU and have Aqua­man show up to help fight the gi­ant squid.

Thomas Lu­cas Gi­ant squids, gi­ant sharks, gi­ant starfish, gi­ant tuna… ba­si­cally a film full of gi­ant sea crea­tures.

Karl Banks Sub­ma­rine com­bat like The Hunt For Red Oc­to­ber. Sean Con­nery could come out re­tire­ment and take up res­i­dence on the Nau­tilus again.

Lena Black­burn Who cares about 20,000 Leagues Un­der The Sea – NEW STAR TREK TV SHOW. [Er, you’re not really get­ting into the spirit of Wish­list – Ed]

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