Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd suits up for Civil War

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What’s it like be­ing part of the whole Avengers ensem­ble?

that was a to­tally unique ex­pe­ri­ence and made me feel a part of the Marvel Uni­verse as a whole that just shoot­ing Ant-Man did not ac­com­plish. it was just that thing of stand­ing around and go­ing, “oh my god, there they are, that’s really the iron Man suit,” and “oh my god, that metal arm, it’s Win­ter sol­dier!” i went over and i grabbed cap­tain Amer­ica’s shield. i just wanted to see it and hold it. it was like i was 10 years old again and it was a real thrill. it made it very real in a way that i hadn’t really felt un­til that mo­ment.

Will Civil War be darker than Ant-Man?

Judg­ing by the Win­ter Sol­dier movie, it will be. it is a cap­tain Amer­ica movie af­ter all.

Will Scott Lang be as funny in Civil War as he is in Ant-Man?

We al­ways fig­ured that there was go­ing to be some levity with Ant-Man and this char­ac­ter, and while it is not a straight-up com­edy, it still has laughs. so i think that all those things that ex­ist in [Ant-Man] will still ex­ist with my char­ac­ter in Civil War as well.

So whose side is Ant-Man on?

You couldn’t pos­si­bly think that i’m go­ing to tell you that! there’s no way i’m go­ing to do that. But it was a valiant ef­fort! Stephen Jewell

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