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Jour­ney to the world of War­craft in the Orc-some first trailer

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Is Duncan Jones’s War­craft look­ing like a win­ner?

Skilled war­rior An­duin Lothar (Travis Fim­mel) in­spects the body of a mur­dered sol­dier – could this be a re­sult of an Orc am­bush?

Wel­come to Stormwind, the main hu­man city of Aze­roth. In the mid­dle there is the Cathe­dral of Light.

This is Garona (Paula Pat­ton), a half Draenei Orc who sides with the hu­mans and hits it off with Lothar.

Who needs planes when you can travel by grif­fin? That’s Me­divh’s ap­pren­tice Khadgar (Ben Sch­net­zer) at the back.

Durotan (Toby Kebbell) and his sec­ond-in­com­mand Or­grim Doomham­mer (Rob Kazin­sky) look over Westfall.

Glimpsed briefly here is Orc war­lock Gul’dan – a bad egg who damns many of his race with nasty fel magic.

As well as grant­ing su­per-strength, the fel magic also turns Orcs’ skins green, like this Orc Durotan is punch­ing in the head.

That gate in the back­ground is the Dark Por­tal, which the Orcs use to es­cape Draenor, their dy­ing home­world, and travel to Aze­roth.

This is Karazhan, the im­pres­sive mag­i­cal tower of Ben Foster’s pow­er­ful mage Me­divh.

He may only be a wee bairn now but Durotan’s son, Thrall, will go on to lead the Orcs.

Lothar rides his Grif­fin into bat­tle at the Dark Por­tal, the show-off.

King Llane (Do­minic Cooper) isn’t too im­pressed with the new in­vaders in his home­land.

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