Twenty brain-bend­ing ques­tions in hon­our of the cel­e­brated sci-fi au­thor

SFX - - Contents - Quiz­mas­ter: Jor­dan Far­ley, Com­mu­nity Ed­i­tor

know dick, as in philip k?

ques­tion 1 “We Can Re­mem­ber It For You Whole­sale” was adapted as which film?

ques­tion 2 For which novel did Dick win a Hugo Award?

ques­tion 3 What are The Ex­e­ge­sis Of Philip K Dick?

ques­tion 4 Who di­rected the big-screen adap­ta­tion of Pay­check? ques­tion 5 pic­ture ques­tion

Name the film.

ques­tion 6 Joe Chip and Glen Runciter are char­ac­ters from which ac­claimed Dick novel?

ques­tion 7 In The Three Stig­mata Of Palmer El­dritch, what are CAN-D and Chew-Z?

ques­tion 8 Name the un­fin­ished third book in the VALIS tril­ogy.

ques­tion 9 pic­ture ques­tion Which or­gan­i­sa­tion do th­ese dap­per chaps work for?

ques­tion 10 Which Alien writer penned the screen­play for Scream­ers?

ques­tion 11 Flow My Tears, The Po­lice­man Said is set in a dystopian Amer­ica where what led to the col­lapse of democ­racy?

ques­tion 12 Dis­ney is said to be de­vel­op­ing an an­i­ma­tion based on which Dick fan­tasy short story from the ’50s?

ques­tion 13 Dick wrote how many pub­lished nov­els: 33, 44 or 55? ques­tion 14 pic­ture ques­tion This is the orig­i­nal cover for which Dick book?

ques­tion 15

Name the lingo that Gaff (above) uses in Blade Run­ner.

ques­tion 16 What is the act of japery com­mit­ted by Allen Pur­cell in The Man Who Japed? Clue: it has some­thing in com­mon with Simp­sons episode

“The Tell­tale Head”.

ques­tion 17 In which year was Dick’s de­but novel So­lar Lottery first pub­lished? ques­tion 18 Name Dick’s fi­nal, posthu­mously-pub­lished, novel.

ques­tion 19 What are the names of the three pre­cogs in Steven Spiel­berg’s Mi­nor­ity Re­port?

ques­tion 20 Which 1967 Dick novel, set af­ter Earth has been con­quered by aliens, started life as a se­quel to The Man In The High Cas­tle?

ques­tion 5

ques­tion 9

ques­tion 14

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