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This is­sue: your re­ac­tions to Doc­tor Who se­ries nine.

Dan Shenton, email Ca­paldi has be­gun to out­shine his pre­de­ces­sors from the re­vived se­ries and is even giv­ing the clas­sic Doc­tors a run for their money.

Martin Horn, email Un­der­whelmed to say the least. I feel Doc­tor Who has lost my in­ter­est and that of my nine-year-old. Satur­day evening TV is no longer Daddy/Daugh­ter qual­ity time, sadly, hid­ing be­hind the cush­ions to­gether.

Doug Sims, email Ca­paldi’s mono­logue at the end of “The Zy­gon In­ver­sion”… my god, that man can act. That speech gave me chills and the op­ti­mist in me hoped like hell that mil­lions of chil­dren soaked it in like a sponge and on some level that it will stay with them.

Gal­go­mite, Games­Radar+ They just haven’t nailed a pre­vail­ing tone yet. Some­times it’s too adult, some­times it’s too child­ish, some­times it’s not as clever as the showrun­ner thinks it is.

Hazy, Games­Radar+ Put the show on hia­tus for five years and come back re­freshed with some new ex­cit­ing ideas, not the in­su­lar dirges we’ve been served.

SFX Five years? Pah. Some of us lived through 16. Look at my scars! Look at them!

AbleS­cholar, Games­Radar+ The fi­nal arc, and the un­leash­ing of the fury of the Time Lord, was per­fectly played by all in­volved and the fi­nale’s fi­nal scenes put a lump in my throat. Jenna Coleman will be missed.

Richard Ed­ward Lawrence, Face­book Love the gui­tar, hated the specs, thrilled the Sonic is back.

Paul Mor­ris, Face­book If Ca­paldi wants to play the elec­tric gui­tar, let him re­sign, and form his own band! SFX Are you look­ing for a Dream­boys re­vival, by any chance? Is Craig Fer­gu­son free?

Baz Hood, Face­book The worst se­ries since the re­vival for me. A bril­liant ac­tor in Ca­paldi, be­ing mostly wasted with sub par ma­te­rial. ONE gen­uinely in­no­va­tive episode in “Heaven Sent”, fol­lowed by yet an­other un­der­whelm­ing fi­nale.

Mark Howe, Face­book The re­turn to Gal­lifrey should have been mas­sive but was very un­der­whelm­ing.

Love the gui­tar, hate the specs, thrilled the Sonic is back

Keith Tu­dor, email It was great to see the cliffhang­ers back with the two-part for­mat that dom­i­nated most of the run.

Neil Al­sop, email Time for Steven Mof­fat to move on, I think, be­fore he drags a once-great se­ries down even fur­ther and it ends up get­ting can­celled again, this time per­haps per­ma­nently.

An­drew James Spooner, Face­book One of the most con­sis­tently won­der­ful and en­ter­tain­ing sea­sons of Doc­tor Who since its re­turn.

Andy P Meakin, Face­book Af­ter a few years of non­cha­lance to­wards the show, and feel­ing more and more that the Who of “my” child­hood had gone for­ever (I am a child of the Tom Baker years), I’m now in love with the show once more – and more to the point, all my kids are lov­ing it too (plus, any­one who says it isn’t scary any­more, try ask­ing young kids what they think. My daugh­ter has been hid­ing un­der a blan­ket at some episodes). SFX Aw. Truly, there’s noth­ing more heart­warm­ing than the thought of ter­ri­fied chil­dren, is there?

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Ti­mothy Wil­liams, email Wow, what a sour bunch [Hot Topic SFX 268 on Clara’s de­par­ture from Doc­tor Who]. Spite­ful sneer­ing, old re­gur­gi­tated com­plaints, at­tempts to be­lit­tle, hope­lessly in­ac­cu­rate declarations of how aw­ful she was and so on. The nas­tier, more in­se­cure face of fan­dom, frankly. Now, I’d nor­mally have sym­pa­thy for a let­ters ed­i­tor pick­ing from a lim­ited choice of sub­mis­sions. But not this time. Who­ever chose them must have had some pos­i­tive let­ters but they still al­most en­tirely went for the neg­a­tive. Even the pos­i­tive ones that were picked in­cluded some ref­er­ence to Clara be­ing dis­liked, as if that were the norm. And that’s ac­tu­ally rather un­pleas­ant. Be­cause if some­one writes in with some­thing as ridicu­lous as “Clara has no per­son­al­ity” out of spite, you only print it if you ei­ther think they have a point (in which case, frankly, you’re an id­iot) or you want to val­i­date that spite to sell your mag­a­zine (which is, frankly, a lit­tle de­spi­ca­ble.) Ei­ther way, it’s easy for your mag­a­zine to wind up look­ing out of touch with the ma­jor­ity of your read­ers. (A trib­ute to Clara posted on the show’s of­fi­cial face­book page af­ter “Face The Raven” aired has been “liked” nearly 78,000 times. That’s what Doc­tor Who view­ers think of her.) Now, hav­ing said all that, I sup­pose I can ap­pre­ci­ate there were lim­ited mes­sages to choose from, and some­times only peo­ple who want to moan write in. But you must have had more choice then that. SFX We try to be as bal­anced as we can, Ti­mothy – and Doc­tor Who’s one of those shows that at­tracts nu­clear-level pas­sion, on both sides. Per­son­ally I think Clara’s one of the best com­pan­ions we’ve ever had and the neg­a­tiv­ity makes my brain bog­gle. Can you imag­ine how poor old Adric would have fared in the Twit­ter age?


Mike Garner, email Ar­row is now deal­ing with magic, the kind of thing that could have killed the se­ries if they had started out with it. Magic on TV comes across as cheesy a lot of the time (CGI on the small screen, with a smallscreen bud­get can look, well, crap). The jour­ney Ar­row has gone on though means magic just seems like the next log­i­cal step. Then along came Con­stan­tine. Firstly the short-lived show got the right ac­tor, they just missed the mark

My fan­boy side has ex­cite­ment lev­els I can’t con­tain

with the show. So for that char­ac­ter to turn up on Ar­row could have been a step too far. What has hap­pened though is one of the great­est guest star ap­pear­ances ever. It’s such a shame it was a one off. Con­stan­tine could have been a char­ac­ter that showed up on The Flash and Su­per­girl too, con­nect­ing all the shows to­gether with­out hav­ing to have the main cast swap shows. The mardy English mage should live on! SFX I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the most iconic crum­pled rain­coat since Columbo’s…


Ant Pugh, email The lat­est is­sue of SFX states that Dis­ney have had lit­tle in­flu­ence on the new Star Wars movie. If that is the case then why do the new Stormtrooper hel­mets look like Don­ald Duck’s beak? I keep ex­pect­ing all the troop­ers to say “Aw, phooey!” when­ever they get shot. SFX Now we think about it there’s a def­i­nite hint of Daffy Duck about Kylo Ren. “You’re de­th­pi­ca­ble, Thky­walker!”


Larry Con­way, email Robert Gra­ham’s let­ter [SFX 268] on how the BBC treats Or­phan Black has valid points but he makes a mis­take brand­ing the days of early evening show­ings as a sign of dis­re­spect to the genre. From the days of Def II (re­mem­ber that?) show­ing re­peats of clas­sics like The In­vaders, Buck Rogers In The 25th Cen­tury and the orig­i­nal Bat­tlestar Galac­tica, to mod­ern hits like Buffy and Farscape, Star Trek in most of its forms (orig­i­nal, TNG, DS9 and Voy­ager) and, lest we forget the re­peats of Doc­tor Who that were for a long time the only show­ings the show had dur­ing its ex­ile from our screens. What do we have now? Per­haps the most te­dious quiz show ever in the form of Eg­gheads and var­i­ous other shows that should be on at day­time (Two Tribes gets a pass as a cousin of mine was on it and won) and not early evening. Per­haps we should think back to those days and see how lucky we were… SFX It was a golden age, Larry. A golden slot. Even the thought of Norm­ski makes me feel strangely nos­tal­gic...


Stephen McAfee, email So, Bat­man V Su­per­man: Dawn Of Jus­tice. What a trailer! I ac­tu­ally got goose­bumps... DOOMS­DAY!!! My fan­boy side has ex­cite­ment lev­els I can’t con­tain. Can’t even fo­cus to do my staff’s wages… SFX Fo­cus, Stephen! Your staff are re­ly­ing on you!

Harold Okafor-Withers, email I checked out the Manch­ester­based For The Love Of The Force In­de­pen­dent Star Wars Fan Con­ven­tion. Some of the el­e­ments were not as good as they could have been but the full size X-Wing was most im­pres­sive, as was the Jabba ex­hibit. As an in­die ef­fort it was noth­ing short of im­pres­sive. And as ever the pres­ence of the 501st and other cos­play­ers made the event some­thing really, really spe­cial. Here’s hop­ing they make this a reg­u­lar fix­ture in Manch­ester’s event cal­en­dar.

chloeyoshi­fan2, email I was shocked to hear news of Do­min­ion’s can­cel­la­tion. The show has a com­pelling sto­ry­line and great char­ac­ters, yet Syfy de­cided it would rather con­tinue making crappy films like Sharknado! The ma­jor­ity of the fan­dom hope that Net­flix sees its po­ten­tial and picks it up, giv­ing us the third sea­son it de­serves.

Darth Jay­jayWinks, email Just wanted to share a pic­ture with you. Like the rest of the galaxy our Midi-chlo­ri­ans run­neth over pre-Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens. So much so that when we re­ceived the lat­est sub­scrip­tion copy of SFX we felt strangely com­pelled to put it on dis­play in our Hall of Geek. As you can see, with Stormtroop­ers and Lord Vader stand­ing prom­i­nent, we have de­scended into the Dark Side... SFX Ex­cel­lent, our young ap­pren­tice! Now re­new your sub­scrip­tion and your jour­ney to the Dark Side will be com­plete…

Pity we won’t see this con­sole ev­ery week.

This gives us an idea: a story where the Doc­tor meets Elvis!

Just how many ar­rows has Ar­row got to its bow?

Per­haps Do­min­ion was a bit on the over­manned side…

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