As its 50th an­niver­sary ap­proaches, Star Trek is boldly go­ing back to TV

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With a new Star Trek TV show on the way, your de­sires il­lus­trated.

Wash those Vul­can ears out, cBs. our read­ers haVe a feW ideas for your neW Star trek se­ries

Prime Uni­verse

De­spite a few calls for a movie-crew Trek Tv show the vast ma­jor­ity of you wanted to see a re­turn to the pre-JJ Abrams prime uni­verse, but af­ter the events of The Next Gen­er­a­tion, Deep Space 9 and Voy­ager. pete macKen­zie even has a spe­cific pe­riod in mind: “nCC-1701-r or above. The history of the fu­ture to 2387 is pretty well doc­u­mented, not to men­tion a bit bor­ing.”

sPACe­shiP, noT sPACe sTA­Tion

sim­ple one this, you want the new crew to em­bark on a multi-year mis­sion ex­plor­ing strange new worlds, which means a mo­bile ves­sel not a sta­tion­ary, er, sta­tion. andy Kin­n­ear is al­ready think­ing about who can de­sign the new ship. “Bring back artists like rick stern­bach, michael okuda and Alex Jaeger to de­sign the ships and tech.”

TACkle Big so­CiAl is­sUes

The Orig­i­nal Se­ries is rightly praised for the way it tack­led hot-but­ton so­cial top­ics. You’d like the new se­ries to do the same. “Clas­sic alien races, flawed char­ac­ters, cur­rent so­cial is­sues tack­led in a fan­tas­ti­cal way. ev­ery­thing that made The Orig­i­nal Se­ries, Next Gen and DS9 so good,” says Keith tu­dor.

BUT keeP iT FUn

“What­ever they do, i’d like it to have a sense of fun and ad­ven­ture like the Abrams movies,” says hor­net­prime. “Tell mean­ing­ful sto­ries with so­cial com­men­tary and al­le­gory, but give it some hu­mour to bal­ance it out.”

neW Alien sPeCies AnD TeCh

The klin­gons and Borg are great and all, but new threats are a must, and you wouldn’t mind see­ing some shiny new fu­ture-tech ei­ther. “i would really like to see some new aliens, both al­lies to the crew and vil­lains,” says gary pratt, while mark Birchenough adds: “Fu­ture tech. We’ve caught up with The Next Gen in many ways, i’d like to see stuff that makes me go ‘wow’.”

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