It’s Team Cap vs Team Shell­head in Marvel’s next epic

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Ex­pert anal­y­sis of the Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War trailer.

It’s any­one’s guess how Bucky got his arm stuck in that vice, but Cap’s old friend has fi­nally shaken his Win­ter Sol­dier pro­gram­ming.

…hence the Sokovia Ac­cords, a reg­is­tra­tion act for su­pers. The Ac­cords were briefly men­tioned in Ant-Man’s post-cred­its scene.

Black Widow may be on Team Tony, but Sam will al­ways have Steve’s back. Not in this trailer: the Vi­sion and Spi­der-Man.

Team Cap as­sem­ble! Hawk­eye’s back and Scar­let Witch has nifty new fly­ing pow­ers. Ant-Man may be in this im­age some­where too.

Bucky’s done bad things though, and Steve is will­ing to go rogue to pro­tect his BFF from The Man.

Steve’s re­jec­tion of the Ac­cords puts him in op­po­si­tion to Tony, who’s had a change of heart about author­ity af­ter his Ul­tron apoc­a­lyp­tic vi­sion.

Iron Man and War Ma­chine take to the skies at Leipzig-Halle air­port dur­ing an epic scrap. Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo may not be far away.

Rhodey’s grounded af­ter hav­ing his Arc Re­ac­tor ripped out, pre­sum­ably by Bucky who tries the same trick later on Tony.

Wil­liam Hurt’s “Thun­der­bolt” Ross isn’t happy that su­per­pow­ered folk are run­ning around un­su­per­vised af­ter the events of Age Of Ul­tron…

Glimpsed here are Emily Van-Camp’s Sharon Carter and Martin Free­man’s uniden­ti­fied suit. But whose side are they on?

Here’s our first look at Chad­wick Bose­man’s Black Pan­ther and his im­pres­sive vi­bra­nium suit. He’s on Team Tony, and seems he’s af­ter Bucky.

Steve and Bucky square off against Iron Man. We’d say Ol’ Shell­head has no chance, but Tony al­ways has a trick up his sleeve.

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