As Luck Would Have It

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Fur­ther in­sights into the won­der­ful world of Stan Lee

Cos­tume Co­nun­drum Won­der­ing why there’s never been a comic book char­ac­ter with su­per-charged luck? Stan Lee has a the­ory: “As far as not us­ing it in a comic book, the funny thing is all the su­per­heroes have some sort of a cos­tume. No­body knows what kind of cos­tume to give some­body whose power is luck! No­body’s been able to fig­ure that out, so we never made it in comics. As far as movies and TV, it’s just some­thing no­body else thought of.”

Lucky stan If Stan Lee had the power to con­trol his own luck, what would he use it for? “Oh man, if I were younger and sin­gle I’d use it to be very suc­cess­ful with fe­males, I’d use it to make as much money as I could, I’d go to the track and bet on the win­ning horse and then once I had pock­ets full of money I’d see how much good I could do with it, to help other peo­ple. Of course I come first!”

Guest Who Stan has a cameo in Lucky Man, one which in­ad­ver­tently brought a Lon­don comic shop to a stand­still, but it’s not his favourite. “My favourite one is Age Of Ul­tron, where I’m talk­ing to Thor, and he’s drink­ing a very strong drink and I ask for a sip. So I take a drink and in the very next scene I’m be­ing led out. I thought that was funny.” As for the many movies and shows based on Stan’s char­ac­ters, he is, as ever, diplo­matic. “I love ev­ery­thing that Marvel does, and since I cre­ated most of those char­ac­ters I’m very thrilled with them.”

Ka-pow! Stan runs POW! En­ter­tain­ment with Gill Cham­pion, who talks us through the pro­duc­tion com­pany’s var­ied slate of up­com­ing projects. “We’re cre­at­ing a new cadre of IP that are ei­ther be­ing de­vel­oped by Stan or third par­ties,” Cham­pion says. “We’re work­ing on our first Chi­nese su­per­hero film, we an­nounced an­other film called Arch Alien that’s a com­bi­na­tion sci-fi su­per­hero film, we’re work­ing on a live show that ac­tu­ally go­ing to be un­der a dome, and there’s a num­ber of other projects. We try to keep Stan busy so he doesn’t get bored.”

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