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Steve Austin in The Six Mil­lion Dol­lar Man

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Dur­ing his first UK ap­pear­ance at MCM Birm­ing­ham Comic Con, Red Alert spoke to Amer­i­can ac­tor Lee Ma­jors from iconic ’70s sci-fi se­ries The Six

Mil­lion Dol­lar Man. The show ran for five sea­sons, three films and spawned spin-off se­ries The Bionic Woman. Ma­jors re­cently ap­peared in the ro­man­tic com­edy Al­most­ing It.

Would you like to play the six Mil­lion Dol­lar Man again?

Not at my age. With my knees giv­ing up, I would need some bionic re­place­ments.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve ever had from a fan?

I was do­ing a show in New York’s Time Square, and this couple came in with a hood from The Fall Guy truck and asked me to sign it.

Would any of steve’s skills or at­tributes have been use­ful in real life?

I wouldn’t mind hav­ing a bionic knee. They ran my butt off on that show and it took a lot out of me. I wish I had used my stunt­man more.

What would steve be do­ing now?

Prob­a­bly kick­ing ji­hadists’ butts.

Is there any­thing from The Six Mil­lion

Dol­lar Man you wish was real?

It would have to be the bion­ics that they are now work­ing on. They have per­fected it to do really good stuff with legs, arms, eyes and ev­ery­thing.

What would be on his grave­stone?

“I was short-changed” – now that they are making The Six Bil­lion Dol­lar Man.



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