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The Goose­bumps star on devils, demons and dodg­ing David Lynch

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Ghost Goals

“I never saw a ghost when I was a kid. I was more scared of girls. I’d have loved to have seen a ghost. It’s on my bucket list: ‘see a ghost.’ It’s right be­hind ‘see a UFO.’”

Magic Man

“one time I in­vited a few of my friends over for a ouija board ex­per­i­ment. I had rigged the whole room with lit­tle invisible wires that I would pull to make it seem like spir­its were in the room. that was my deal. I was kind of a char­la­tan. I al­ways wanted to make the other kids think that magic was real.”

Danc­ing With the Devil

“[tena­cious D] has a fas­ci­na­tion with 1980s heavy metal mu­sic where the devil was al­ways front and cen­tre. If you weren’t sell­ing enough records, just put the devil on the cover and start ru­mours that you sold your soul.”

True Lies

“oh, all kinds of scary things hap­pened [on the Goose­bumps set]. Books fly­ing off shelves… that’s what you have to say on any scary movie, to gen­er­ate bo­gus buzz! Yeah, I’ve heard there’s some things… I’m sorry. I didn’t pre­pare my bo­gus haunt­ing sto­ries!”

a Boy’s Life

“I’m a 44-year-old man. But I still feel very boy­ish in my fas­ci­na­tions with videogames and the movies that I’m drawn to. on the flight over here, I was like, ‘what should I watch? I could watch that David lynch film… eh, I’m just gonna watch Cap­tain Amer­ica.’ that’s not a man’s choice! But it was aw­fully good.”

Goose­bumps opens on 5 Fe­bru­ary.

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