Nick Setchfield, Fea­tures ed­i­tor

SFX - - First Contact -

So that’s an­other se­ries of Doc­tor Who re­treat­ing into the space-time vor­tex, hy­brids, Zy­gons, sonic sun­nies and all. We asked you to break out your Con­fes­sion Di­als and tell us what you thought of the in­ter­ga­lac­tic shenani­gans – and you obliged, shar­ing your views on a var­ied run of ad­ven­tures that seems to have di­vided fan­dom down the mid­dle (gawd, don’t they all…). Drop a line to sfx@fu­ to give us your take on mat­ters aris­ing in the geek­verse. We’ll print the best and en­rich your so­cial stand­ing.

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