Worth the bothan?

Ten big ques­tions from Episode VII

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How does Max von Sy­dow’s old man from the open­ing scene know Luke Sky­walker? Why was he en­trusted with his where­abouts? How did Poe Dameron es­cape from the crash­ing TIE Fighter, make his way across Jakku, and find his way back to the Re­sis­tance? Is Supreme Leader Snoke a Sith Lord? And, see­ing as we only saw him as a holo­gram, where is he based? How did Snoke en­tice Kylo Ren (Han and Leia’s son, Ben) to the Dark Side? Are any of the Jedi-in-train­ing Ren turned on still alive? If the First Or­der is such a big threat, why is the Repub­lic leav­ing the Re­sis­tance to bat­tle them sin­gle-handed? Is Rey Luke’s daugh­ter? If she isn’t, who are/ were her par­ents? Why did they aban­don her on Jakku? And why does Leia em­brace her like she knows her? Will Rey de­cide to train as a Jedi with Luke, or be­come full-time copi­lot of the Mil­len­nium Fal­con with Chew­bacca? We’re as­sum­ing Ren and Hux (above) made it off Starkiller Base alive, but what about Cap­tain Phasma? Did she es­cape that trash com­pactor? Has any­one had such high billing in a movie for as lit­tle screen­time as Mark Hamill gets here? And what the hell has he been do­ing on that is­land all this time? Is there any­thing in Star Wars mythol­ogy that might al­low Han Solo to re­turn as a rogueish smug­gler ghost? Please?

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