The Dreck-sor­cist

SFX - - Reviews - Ac­cord­ing to Olivia Dud­ley, the ex­or­cism scene took eight days to shoot – out of a to­tal of 22 for the whole film.

re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | Blu-ray/dVd/down­load Di­rec­tor Mark Nevel­dine Cast Olivia dud­ley, Michael Peña, dougray scott, Kath­leen robertson, alison lohman

The Ex­or­cist casts a long shadow. What­ever your be­liefs, Fried­kin’s mas­ter­piece made the whole pos­ses­sion she­bang seem plau­si­ble. Un­for­tu­nately, it’s ren­dered vir­tu­ally all such movies since rather re­dun­dant. The Vat­i­can Tapes isn’t go­ing to change that.

A mon­tage of se­cu­rity footage sets out the film’s stall. Pos­ses­sions are on the rise and the Catholic Church is mon­i­tor­ing the sit­u­a­tion. Af­ter a car crash, sweet young An­gela (Olivia Dud­ley) be­gins to act strangely, and para­nor­mal events seem to fol­low in her wake. It’s soon clear that An­gela’s not the woman she used to be...

Crank co-di­rec­tor Mark Nevel­dine tries to spice things up with flashy edit­ing, but can’t dis­guise the drab and clichéd na­ture of the ma­te­rial. Dougray Scott looks bored stiff through­out and it’s all build­ing up to the big ex­or­cism scene, which is ren­dered hi­lar­i­ous when An­gela starts gob­bing out three eggs – pre­sum­ably from one of hell’s no­to­ri­ous flocks of damned chick­ens. Buy it and the yolk’s on you.

Ex­tras Just a three-minute be­hind-the-scenes piece. Will Salmon

“Tram­po­line – weeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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