Game of Thrones Sea­son One

Did you win, or die?

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videogame There came a mo­ment, to­wards the cli­max of Episode Six: The Ice Dragon, when we sus­pected that we’d made a colos­sal mis­take. Maybe even sev­eral. Ten min­utes later, the tale of our For­rester clan was be­ing neatly re­capped by a hand­ful of key GoT char­ac­ters telling of their in­ter­ac­tions. We smirked at re­mem­ber­ing acts of de­fi­ance, and near-wist­fully re­call­ing fallen al­lies we’d turned on and sold out. No re­grets. This ob­scure fam­ily may not meet the hap­pi­est of end­ings (what did you ex­pect?) but it feels true to Wes­teros.

The col­lec­tion of in­ter­lock­ing plot­lines through the se­ries serves al­most as a great­est hits com­pi­la­tion of fa­mil­iar lo­ca­tions – the Wall, King’s Land­ing, Meereen – as well as teas­ing a few oth­ers, such as when you head deep into Wildling coun­try in search of the (whis­pers) North Grove. Spoiler: what you do find is es­sen­tially a small shark for you to leap over.

It also puts you face-to-face with some of GoT’s big­gest names, voice-acted by their HBO coun­ter­parts. Of course, in­ter­ac­tions with them are largely tan­gen­tial – can’t mess with canon, af­ter all – but they help ground the se­ries in the fic­tional uni­verse. Given the scope of the source ma­te­rial, it feels wholly prob­a­ble that there are scores of fam­i­lies like House For­rester – ab­sent al­most en­tirely even from the books – with a story to tell.

Granted, it’s not al­ways told with the great­est of tech­ni­cal or aes­thetic skill. We never warmed to the smudgy, pain­terly art style. Your de­ci­sions might not al­ways feel as gutwrench­ing as Tell­tale would like. But peo­ple can (and of­ten do) live or die based on your choices, and you’ll de­velop an at­tach­ment to this lit­tle fam­ily that could. Or could they? Who it is that gets the iron from that ice is ul­ti­mately in your hands. Emma Davies

We’ve re­viewed in­di­vid­ual episodes be­fore, but we’d rec­om­mend you play the se­ries as a whole – it’s worth the ef­fort!

And they all lived hap­pily ever af­ter. Well, maybe.

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