She’s Su­per­man’s cousin, you know...

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(VO) I’m Kara Zor-El, Su­per­man’s cousin. I have all his pow­ers, but I don’t use them be­cause I’m a PA for me­dia mogul Cat Grant. I really want to help peo­ple, though...

ALEX DAN­VERS Kara, you can’t. Even though you have su­per­hu­man strength and are im­per­vi­ous to pretty much any­thing, it’s too dan­ger­ous.

CAT GRANT [Insert snarky com­ment here]

a plane is on a crash course for a river.

KARA I’ve had it with this. I’m go­ing to save the day and re­veal my­self to the world.

ALEX Naughty Kara! But you’re a hero! Maybe I should have told you, though, that I’m not really a doc­tor. I’m ac­tu­ally an agent for the DEO, a

gov­ern­ment acro­nym you’ve never heard of.

KARA Awesome! We can hang out hav­ing 20-some­thing fun, and save the world from aliens.

HEN­SHAW Yeah, it’s like Smal­lville. Turns out

there are lots of su­per­pow­ered DC types wan­der­ing around Na­tional City who haven’t turned up on Ar­row or The Flash yet. I’m just cross­ing my fin­gers no­body no­tices my glow­ing red eyes...

KARA I’m so happy I should prob­a­bly tell my best friend Winn about my new se­cret iden­tity.

WINN I love you, Su­per­girl/ Kara! Just my luck that this Jimmy Olsen chump has moved on to my turf – and he’s no longer the the dweeby, bow-tie sport­ing pho­tog­ra­pher from the movies, dam­mit.

JAMES OLSEN I’ve got ro­man­tic lead sta­tus, so I’m called James now. I’m here to keep my eye on you, Su­per­girl. Your cousin asked me to. He also told me that wear­ing glasses is a

bril­liant dis­guise.

SU­PER­GIRL I’m Su­per­man’s cousin, you know.

I’ve got su­per strength and am im­per­vi­ous to pretty much any­thing. And I have a pair of glasses.

I don’t need pro­tect­ing. But at least there’s some­body else who

knows my se­cret iden­tity. Now mean old Cat Grant is the only se­ries reg­u­lar who doesn’t know.

CAT GRANT [Insert snarky com­ment here]

SU­PER­GIRL saves lots of peo­ple, but is still com­pared un­favourably to SU­PER­MAN.

SU­PER­GIRL If you’re so great, cuz, why do we never see your face?

SU­PER­MAN I’m busy fight­ing Bat­man on the big screen. I’m way too big for this TV stuff.

SU­PER­GIRL It’s ac­tu­ally pretty hard work be­ing Kara

Dan­vers and Su­per­girl, you know.

CAT GRANT [Insert snarky com­ment here] But de­spite my hard-as-nails ex­te­rior, I to­tally understand, and have a lot of re­spect for both Kara and Su­per­girl.

SU­PER­GIRL Then why the hell didn’t you call me Su­per­woman? It’s the 2010s af­ter all.


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