Which other Gaiman char­ac­ters should get a spin-off?

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The Corinthian (Sand­man comics)

An­other Sand­man char­ac­ter to ex­plore could be the charis­matic night­mare Corinthian, who is very much a fan of the phrase “an eye for an eye” – ie he has mouths where his eyes should be, and uses them to eat other peo­ple’s eyes. Hey, we didn’t say it would be a heroic spin-off…

Mr Wed­nes­day

(Amer­i­can Gods)

In Amer­i­can Gods, love­able rogue Mr Wed­nes­day – a wise-crack­ing, wom­an­is­ing con­man – is re­vealed to be an in­car­na­tion of Norse god Odin. We feel we’re definitely owed some sort of on-the-road pre­quel.

Crowley & Azi­raphale (Good Omens)

Good Omens, co-writ­ten with Terry Pratch­ett, gave us the an­gel Azi­raphale and de­mon Crowley. Given that one was the guardian of Eden while the other tempted Eve onto a path of dev­as­ta­tion, they bounced off each other pretty well. Buddy movie, any­one?

Mar­quis de Carabas (Nev­er­where)

He’s tech­ni­cally al­ready had a spin-off with short story “How The Mar­quis Got His Coat Back”, but that surely can’t be the last we hear of the cun­ning trick­ster. He is, by far, the best char­ac­ter in a book al­ready full of great char­ac­ters.

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