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What was your re­ac­tion when you heard Ar­row’s Sara Lance was re­turn­ing for Leg­ends Of Tomorrow?

I was dead. I was done. It was like, “C’est la vie. I don’t want to be on your show any­way!” Then it was a couple of months later that An­drew and Marc called me into their of­fice and were like, “We have some news.” I wasn’t ex­pect­ing this. I was like, “They al­ready have Ar­row and Flash. How would they do an­other spin-off?” Then to hear the cast I was gonna be work­ing with – Vic­tor Gar­ber, Bran­don, and Went­worth… it was really ex­cit­ing.

Did the fans bring Sara back?

If she died and ev­ery­one was like, “Eh, what­ever,” I’m sure they wouldn’t have both­ered res­ur­rect­ing her. But a lot of peo­ple con­nected with her. She’s a well-writ­ten, cool char­ac­ter. She’s a tough, in­ter­na­tional, sex­u­ally open as­sas­sin. But she’s definitely not just a cold-hearted bitch [laughs]. She’s a very emo­tional but just kind of torn and tor­mented char­ac­ter. How would you de­scribe this group’s dy­namic?

It’s a mash-up. It’s he­roes and vil­lains. It’s not like, “Yay, Power Rangers!” It’s definitely a mis­matched group who does not work well to­gether, united by a com­mon cause. Our Bad, Van­dal Sav­age, is a bad guy, who’s lived for thou­sands of years. So it’s ba­si­cally like, we’re all gonna die un­less we work to­gether [laughs]. So we’ve got to. But there’s gonna be a lot of con­flict within the team-up.

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