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Hang on, didn’t we re­view the HELL­RAISER TRIL­OGY (25 Jan­uary, Blu-ray) a few is­sues back? Sort of, but that was the lim­ited edi­tion Scar­let Box, com­plete with a 200-page book and a fourth disc of Clive Barker’s short films, which im­me­di­ately sold out. If you missed out, Ar­row is now re­leas­ing a new box set with just the first three films (clas­sic; de­cent; cheesily Amer­i­can­ised) and as­so­ci­ated ex­tras – of which there are a stag­ger­ing amount. Also get­ting an­other run out: Twi­light Zone cre­ator Rod Ser­ling’s other an­thol­ogy se­ries, NIGHT GALLERY (11 Jan­uary, DVD). View­ers with good mem­o­ries may re­call sea­son one came out on DVD here in 2006, but two and three failed to fol­low; now Fab­u­lous Films is bring­ing them all out, both separately and as a com­plete box set. We said of sea­son one: “It’s a mix of tones and ap­proaches, veer­ing from high camp to gen­uine dis­quiet. The punch­lines oc­ca­sion­ally loom vast and ob­vi­ous on the hori­zon, but this is de­li­cious ’70s gothic, per­fect for rainy mid­nights.” Fi­nally, there’s good news for fans of In­di­ana Jones/Tomb Raider rip-offs, with the ad­vent of a box set of RELIC HUNTER SEA­SON ONE (out now, DVD). This Cana­dian-made late ’90s/ early ’00s show stars Tia Car­rere as an ass-kick­ing ar­chae­ol­ogy pro­fes­sor who trav­els the world res­cu­ing trea­sures, along with a bum­bling English side­kick (how dare they!). It’s very for­mu­laic, switch-your-brain-off ac­tion-ad­ven­ture fare. Some pre­vi­ous re­leases have been of poor pic­ture qual­ity, but this one’s a new dig­i­tal restora­tion.

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