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Prison Break es­capee and Le­gends Of To­mor­row’s Cap­tain Cold, Went­worth Miller.

Few ac­tors have been so well cast in su­per­hero comic book adap­ta­tions as Went­worth Miller, who’s brought the dry, la­conic de­liv­ery he per­fected on such projects as TV’s Prison Break and the Res­i­dent Evil films to the role of Leonard Snart, aka the cun­ning, me­thod­i­cal su­pervil­lain Cap­tain Cold, arch- en­emy of the ti­tle hero in Warner Bros’s hit se­ries The Flash. It’s no won­der then that Miller has landed a lead role in the DC spin- off se­ries Le­gends Of To­mor­row. Co- star­ring Prison Break buddy Do­minic Pur­cell as Snart’s part­ner, the hot- tem­pered Heat Wave, the show brings to­gether a hand­ful of the DC TV Uni­verse’s finest in the com­pany’s first ever live- ac­tion se­ries de­voted to a team of he­roes and an­ti­heroes. As Miller re­veals, Snart, like the ac­tor who plays him, brings an un­bri­dled love for his job to his lat­est pro­ject...

How easy is it for Cap­tain Cold to fit into the Le­gends of To­mor­row team?

My hope is that it’s not easy at all. I hope there’s lots of con­flict and fire­works. I think Cap­tain Cold is used to call­ing the shots and used to be­ing the guy and now that has to change. And I think that will be a prob­lem for him, and therein is hope­fully some great drama. So Snart won’t get along with his team­mates?

It is a bunch of he­roes and vil­lains who have to work to­gether to­ward a com­mon goal, which is to take on this sort of mega- vil­lain [ Van­dal Sav­age]. But that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be a happy fam­ily en route. As an au­di­ence mem­ber, I don’t want to tune in to watch a show where every­body’s get­ting along. It doesn’t sound par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing to me. So I think the pur­pose of Snart and Heat Wave and Caity’s char­ac­ter [ White Ca­nary] is to keep things edgy and in­ter­est­ing. What’s it like hav­ing your own ac­tion fig­ures?

It’s ex­tra­or­di­nary. A friend of mine, when she saw the Funko Pop! doll, said, “Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that you don’t have a mouth?” I said, “Who needs a mouth when you’ve got that sweet ass widow’s peak go­ing on?” Is be­ing a lead on this show go­ing to keep you away from screen­writ­ing?

Po­ten­tially. I’m not a multi- tasker. It was all about writ­ing, and now it’s all about act­ing, and that’s fine by me. When I was not act­ing, I be­gan to miss be­ing on set and en­joy­ing the kind of com­mu­nity that only hap­pens on a film and TV set. There’s some­thing kind of pure and sat­is­fy­ing about show­ing up, mem­o­ris­ing your lines, and bring­ing a char­ac­ter to life us­ing some­one else’s words and ideas. Is Snart ever go­ing to ques­tion the path he’s taken? Is he ever go­ing to say, “I should’ve been a su­per­hero”?

He’s got his pride and I think he does what he does well, and there are rea­sons why he does what he does. But I don’t see him ever be­com­ing a full- on good guy. I think he does have a code, which the other char­ac­ters po­ten­tially speak to. I think we’ve seen the Flash try­ing to speak to Snart’s sense of hon­our, such as it is. But my hope is that he stays a bad­die even though he’s pur­su­ing a pos­i­tive goal. Will he some­day get an­other cos­tume? Or will it re­main the parka?

I like the parka. It works for me. Ex­cept when it’s Au­gust in Van­cou­ver and we’re shoot­ing out­side. Snart has been kind of a brother’s keeper to Heat Wave. Does that re­la­tion­ship con­tinue in Le­gends Of To­mor­row?

I feel like Cap­tain Cold is, at this point, the one per­son that Heat Wave po­ten­tially lis­tens to. Some of the time. Heat Wave, I think though, is a full- on bad­die. I’m not sure if there’s any­thing redeeming there. Maybe I’ll be sur­prised. As Snart slowly, per­haps in­evitably, moves to­ward a more heroic as­pect, I think his re­la­tion­ship with Heat Wave could be­come more prob­lem­atic be­cause I don’t see Heat Wave tak­ing the same jour­ney. Work­ing with Do­minic Pur­cell, are the choices you make as ac­tors in­formed by your shared his­tory, by the fact that there was a chem­istry be­fore this pro­ject?

Yeah, I think our char­ac­ters, Cap­tain Cold and Heat Wave, were meant to have his­tory, were meant to feel kind of like broth­ers who are get­ting along and not get­ting along at the same time. Do­minic and I have that by virtue of our his­tory as ac­tors, which I think adds an­other layer of juice to the script and the scenes. Do you hope to con­tinue ap­pear­ing on The Flash? Or is that chap­ter of Snart’s ca­reer fin­ished?

No, no, no. I’d be re­ally dis­ap­pointed if I had to hand in Cap­tain Cold’s re­la­tion­ship with Barry Allen. Be­cause I think there’s a lot more there to ex­plore. So my com­mit­ment is to do both, if they’ll let me.

Le­gends Of To­mor­row is on The CW in the US. It will air on Sky 1 in the UK.

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